Kate’s new book, Colours of Shetland, will be published on December 1st, 2012

With its beautiful photography, engaging writing, and signature hand-knit designs, Colours of Shetland will inspire you with the varied shades and hues of Britain’s most Northerly isles.

What is in the book?
Colours of Shetland contains ten signature designs, five garments and five accessories. Each pair of designs is part of a different Shetland “colour story” which is explored through words and pictures. Situated in the rich context of the Shetland landscapes, wildlife, objects, and people that have inspired Kate, these colour stories bring the creative process of hand-knit design to life in an exciting new way. Alongside unique designs that are a joy to make and wear, Colours of Shetland offers the hand-knitter food for thought and a feast for the eyes.

Where can I buy it?
Upon publication, the book will initially be exclusively available to purchase from the Kate Davies Designs online shop. Each copy purchased from the online shop will be personally signed by Kate. Other retailers will stock the book from early 2013.

How much does it cost?

Colours of Shetland costs £14.99 GBP, plus shipping.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, Colours of Shetland can be shipped by airmail to anywhere in the world.

Is the book available digitally?
Kate has designed Colours of Shetland primarily as a printed object, but the price of the book will allow you to access both print and digital versions. Kate has plans to produce Colours of Shetland as an e-book, and in the meantime, each printed copy contains a unique code to enable you to download the digital version when it becomes available. If you prefer a digital-only download, this will also later be available, though not for some time.

Can I pre-order the book?
No — Kate will only release the book for sale once it has been published and copies are in stock. The book is expected to go on sale on or around December 1st.

What yarn is used for the patterns in the book?
All of the patterns in Colours of Shetland are designed specifically for Jamieson and Smith Jumper Weight. This flagship Shetland yarn, with its beautifully rich and varied palette, is Kate’s all-time favourite yarn for colour knitting. You can buy it directly from Jamieson and Smith, Shetland Woolbrokers, as well as from a number of retailers around the world.

What is the size range of the patterns?
Kate’s garments are carefully designed to suit women of all shapes and sizes, and should fit anyone from a 30″ to a 50″ bust.

I’m a yarn store / bookseller / retailer. Can I stock Colours of Shetland?

Of course! Copies will be available for you to stock from early 2013. The minimum order is 5 copies. Please contact Kate for further details: kate@katedaviesdesigns.com

When can I find out more?

Kate will be releasing further information about the designs, together with themed posts and interviews with some of the people who have been involved in the book over the coming weeks. Keep your eye on her blog and find her on twitter (@wazzag)

I’ve now created a separate page for up-to-date information about my book. If you have any other queries that have not been answered here, please feel free to ask them in the comments below, and I’ll update the page.

Do you like the hat on the cover? You’ll hear more about it soon . . .

39 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Hey Bruce, I notice that everybody is yakety yaking about this and that and I wonder wheeeere are you, you lovely creature, in all this! Oh sure, your Mom Kate doesn’t block her new hat as she is in a rush to get outside and wear it. Well…, please tell me she took you with her. I mean, what are our humans for but to take us, the best of the best (Black Labs!) outside for long and exciting walks? I mean, my Mom is now busy making a new hat. I say, “What for?” Doesn’t she have hair? Be sure to get yourself front and center in the next Photo-Shoot. I’m looking forward to it.

    Love, Onyx Black Lab


  2. Hi Kate,
    After a long silence I’m poking out to say Congratulations! I can’t wait to knit from your new book and enjoy more of your work.

    Lots and lots of love from Philadelphia,


  3. December 1 is …oooh…19 more sleeps. Can hardly wait. This hat is stunning, so I imagine the rest of the book should be a real treat as well!!


  4. I love the hat. I will make it. Congratulations on your book and the collection. I want to read it.I admire your hard work, dedication and inspiration very much. Do I have other queries? Yes! Do you have wool pajamas and/or bathrobe? If so , any idea where I can get such things?


  5. Please tell me you are doing a huge print run! I will be so disappointed if I miss out on Dec 1st, and these will sell out so quickly. Wish I could pre-order…..


  6. I like the hat very much! I hope it will be offered as a kit??? Your book is on my Christmas list…please remind Santa to leave it under the tree for me! :-)


  7. I love the hat on the front cover. That will go to the top of my queue. I am intrigued by the prospect of print copy + code to access the digital version. This sounds like a very 21st century approach to publishing. I will be ordering on Dec. 1st.


    1. It is reversible and she already released that pattern. I’ve made one and I a-d-o-r-e it. It’s called the Funchal Moebius. Knit one for yourself; you won’t regret it. It’s lovely.


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