So, I finished my spirograph — these pictures are of the item in its unblocked state, as I was in a rush to get outside and stick it on my heid.

Like Anna’s original version of the design, my spirograph adds extra repeats to be more like a a lidless hat than a headband. It is cosy around cold ears, and fulfills its mane-containing function admirably. I used 3.5 mm needles throughout (which has made a nice springy fabric with the Kid Classic). I worked 17 repeats of the pattern in total (including the decrease rounds) and finished the top edge with Jeny’s surprisingly stretchy bind off. I really enjoyed knitting Anna’s pattern, and am very pleased with the end result.

The project is ravelled here.

While we were out and about snapping these pictures, my pal John came by and struck a pose.

I don’t think he quite believed us when we said we would put the photograph online . . .
Yoo-hoo, John! You’re on the internet!

30 thoughts on “spirograph

  1. Dear Kate,
    I know you probably have other things to do with all your lovely projects, knitting, walking, writing… BUT I need to know which colourway your Spirograph is made of – on Ravelry you have given “nightly” which would be number 846. I, loving the colour on your pictures (and the headband itself), have ordered a few skeins and find the colour is much much darker. Is it possible you used another colour? I would be veeeeery grateful to know. Thanks!


  2. I love your spirograph hat. I’m going to knit a couple for my nieces for Christmas. You mention Jeny’s stretchy bind off, where can I find out how to do this please?


  3. Fate! This is the second reference to the Spirograph I’ve come across today. The first time I briefly considered making one for my d-i-l who is a pony-tail wearing runner in a cold place. Now I’m completely swayed!
    John looks like a delightful person to know.


  4. Oh cuteness! This could be just the thing for my dreadlocked son – his hair is too big for his beret now! Lovely shade of blue and fluffy too… off to rav to check what yarn you used!


  5. Thanks, Kate, for some great posts lately! LOL John will have to get a Facebook page now he has a legion of fans… ;) Wonderful to meet your friends and neighbors in such a lovely part of the world! xx


  6. John and his companion look like great dog-walking buddies! Hello there, John! I wish Piper and I could join you for a nice stroll.

    Kate, your new chapeaulette is very pretty. I’m like you; hair tied up atop my head makes it difficult to wear a hat. But cold ears…brrrr. I’ve been wearing a Calorimetry when I go out for chores in the morning, and it works like your Spirograph; very comfy but not too much.

    (I just invented the word “chapeaulette.” Do you think it will catch on? ;)


  7. Hmm. Your spirograph is making me reconsider my feelings about a lidless hat. It might be just the thing for my unruly mane since apparently I’m not making any appointments to get it cut off.


  8. It looks gorgeous in that yarn choice- that shade of blue really suits you and it’s nice to see the design with a bit of a halo, in constrast to the smoother yarns I used. Goes without saying that I’m unspeakably proud that you made my design- thanks!


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