The new issue of The Knitter is out, and I have a short piece in it publicising the Shetland Fine Lace Project – an inspiring collaboration between the Shetland Amenity Trust, four fabulous knitters, and the lovely folk at Jamieson & Smith, (whose 1ply laceweight is the closest thing to Victorian handspun that there is). Pick up the magazine to read more about the project! And then pop over to the Shetland Museum and Archives where its impressive results are available to buy at a price that properly reflects the labour and skills of the women involved. I had the pleasure of meeting two of these women–Mary Kay and Hazel Laurenson–when visiting Shetland a few weeks ago. They really are incredible knitters: generous with their skills and knowledge, and passionate about their craft. It was a real privilege to have a cup of tea with Mary, and for Hazel to show me the beautiful Unst lace from the 1880s that she is painstakingly recreating.

Also, do you remember Fugue?

Well, the pattern is now available to buy in kit form from Lilith of Old Maiden Aunt Yarns. The kits come in three tasty colourways and contain the pattern, together with enough yarn to make a cosy set of tam & mitts. Lilith’s yarn is beautifully dyed (of course) and the base is a soft and sheepy corriedale. (I used the same yarn to make the Deco cardigan – pattern now forthcoming – watch this space!)

18 thoughts on “today’s news

  1. Bought the magazine today in Sainsbugs, thought your article was so interesting. Skilled work of all kinds does not appear to attract renumeration that reflects the work involved.


  2. I have just read your article in Issue 27 of The Knitter. Its just arrived here in New Zealand.
    It was really informative and I had no idea the stories of the fisherman sweaters was not so true.
    Really an interesting read.
    Thank you. I look forward to reading your next article.
    ( I also love that backpack)


  3. Kate, I love your blog, your knitted pieces and your red leater briefcase backpack! Can you tell me where I’d find one? I’m about to become a bicycle/walking commuter, and I want to do it in fashion. Thanks!


  4. Hi Kate, when you publish in a magazine are you allowed to put the article on your blog also? I ask becasue I am in the process of running down my magazine subscriptions – the only good thing about a couple of the new ones have been your articles (IMHO)and they are the only things I will miss.


  5. Can you purchase Fugue without buying the kit, just the pattern? The ‘fugue’ is very like Jasper Johns’ crosshatch pattern.
    We (husband, who is a film scholar, and I) watched ‘Cottage on Dartmoor’. Neither of us was aware of silent film in Britain before Hitchcock. Enjoyed very much and the hat was indeed cool.


  6. I am loving Fugue! I’ve been on a color work kick lately.

    And, once again, you’ve styled so well (does the kit include that amazing backpack? well, one can dream!)


  7. Oooh, the postman isn’t going to like me until I get my magazine. “Have you get it yet? Have you got it yet? Pleeeaaaase have it”.


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