A bit of knitting . . .

. . . time to weave in those ends and block.

a hat? for me?

No, Bruce. First I’ve got to do something with this hook . .

snip snip . . .

obligatory icord. . .


Isitforme? Isitforme? Isitforme?

‘Fraid not, buddy. It’s for your loon of a human. . .

Advice from the knitting police: NEVER wear this heidscarf with its accompanying sweater.

If one ignores what is happening below the shoulders, however, the look is perfectly acceptable.

yes, it is. . .

. . . because I say it is.

This elaborate swatch, upon which one may practice shaping, steeking and other techniques involved in making the Christie Johnstone sweater, is ravelled here.

48 thoughts on “heidcase

  1. HEY KATE – love your little head scarf – its so you– BRUCE is too , too cute –yes I too after admiring your so matching outfit noticed your tunic – I love the style too and was planning on sewing one much like it — what is it and where is it from ?

    pat j


  2. Applied Icord makes everything better. I love it. I think the coordinated look is really fun, especially with your braids peeking out of the kerchief.


  3. what a beautiful take on the good old hat-as-swatch!

    and I, too, find myself sometimes guilty of Knitwear Over-Coordination…


  4. My greatest fear is steeking! I love the idea of this kerchief….they say the only way to overcome fear is jumping right in and doing the one thing that scares you. I might have to put this on my queue.


  5. I like your whole outfit, fabulous.
    OMG that pic of Bruce is just wonderful, and look where his ears fit, amazing!
    Luv the pics and the story they tell.


  6. I fully intend to make full ensemble with matching legwarmers because I love this fun, matchy joyfulness.

    I feel the headscarf looks better on you than on poor wee Bruce but am delighted that the heidcase scarf is so conducive to TOMFOOLERY and MISCHIEF.

    It’s a proper miskerchief.

    Happy to see you looking so happy x


  7. I really love your outfit!

    Although I’m not knitting myself, I like checking your blog every day.
    You’re telling a very personal story and I’m privileged to be able to read it.
    I admire your determination and your story made me realise how everyone’s life can change in a split second.

    I’m wondering what kind of dress you’re wearing.
    I think its made of linen and perhaps I can make ik myself.

    Kind regards,


  8. LOVE the way you photo storied this post! especially the smiling one of bruce:) and of course the knitwear contained within. and the knitting police, thank you:)


  9. So true – it’s lovely but subtle color, knit overload could happen!

    Are you happy with blogging in wordpress? I am trying to decide whether to use wordpress or blogger…


  10. Ha ha ha! I just love the photos of Bruce. Makes me want to reach through the screen and give him a good scratch. Maybe you could make him a matching one? :-)


  11. Very acceptable, and priceless photos. Puts me in mind of a picture of an ill-advised yet hilarious outfit I have of a woman wearing aran helmet, jumper, breeches, and gaiters


  12. It’s pretty cute on you, but I think it might be even cuter on Bruce.

    I’m very intrigued by the clever swatch on which to practice so many techniques! Was this just for your own practice, or are you planning on publishing any kind of tutorial on this sort of thing? It looks like it could be a great guided intro to steeking and finishing steeks.


  13. What a great small project for someone to do all of the techniques without the huge investment that might paralyze you!!! Bruce looks lovely in it – as do you!


  14. Silly human – don’t you know that dogs wear such items round their necks ……. although they prefer Hell’s Angels’ type bandanas! However it looks good on you Kate (I must, must, must do some colour work!)


  15. Ah, Bruce. Bailey welcomes you to the venerable if ignominious tradition of dogs being forced to model their humans’ headgear.


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