. . with yeast . . .


. . . malt . . .


. . . water . . .


. . . hops . . .


and, um . . . one of my old stockings.


The stocking is good for dry-hopping. This particular recipe of Tom’s is one of my all-time favourites — just as delicious as the original that inspired it. I’ll let you know how the brew tastes in a few weeks time.

12 thoughts on “we made beer

  1. Love the smell of brewing beer, my Dad used to make beer from malt, hops etc., and it reminds me of him. I love those days in Edinburgh, when the waft of malted barley creeps across the city.


  2. Looks delicious! I saw a scottish heather beer in my local store the other day and really wanted to try it – but the price (having been imported across the ocean) seemed outrageous compared to what we can brew at home.


  3. It’s those “few weeks” that are hardest to wait through. Although, I’m sure there are other beverages about the house (or planted across the country) to help tide you over until the new brew is ready. You guys seem prepared like that.


  4. And the recipe is….? though I fully understand if Tom does not wish to share it. We are about to resume the habit of home brewing (left by the wayside when we acquired livestock and began the bad habit of waiting on them hoof and claw). Local recycling facilities are sliding backwards and all bottles are now relegated to the landfill. It is time to stop the horrible waste. We have all the equipment, just need to put our minds to it again. Nothing like a new recipe to inspire one!


  5. I was just about to ask where you got that Duran bottle from… though if your Tom is a biologist that might explain it. But stealing from lab to make beer? Shocking! I get a bit weird about anything remotely lab like being anything remotely food like though (agar, anyone?) – freaks me out…


  6. I am not too familiar with beer-making- do you use a specific species? I hope you didn’t steal stocks from some unsuspecting yeast biologists! Hope it’s tasty!


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