a taste of Northmavine

Quite a few of you have been asking about the design depicted in my site’s new header. As there’s not long to go now till my book is published, I thought I’d give you a bit more of a taste of it.

This is the Northmavine Hap.

It uses one of the most familiar and easy-to-knit Shetland openwork patterns. This pattern is perhaps most often used to add a decorative border to plain accessories and garments, but I love its simple waves and bold stripes so much that I had to feature it all over the design!

Something about the all-over nature of the combination of shaded stripes with openwork makes this hap feel quite fresh and contemporary, I think.

The construction isn’t particularly traditional either, and I suppose neither is the distinctive centre shaping . . .

. . . which is meant to echo the smooth scalloped edges of Shetland’s beautiful and famous neolithic knives.

You may remember that, back in May, I was knitting a gigantic swatch, inspired by the colours of sea and stones. I played around with every green and blue and grey in the Jamieson and Smith palette before settling on the parrticular combination I used here.

I am really pleased with the end result — the hap neatly mixes a number of traditional and contemporary elements and speaks really well to the Northmavine ‘colour story’ it is designed to be a part of.

To read more of that story, you’ll have to wait for my Colours of Shetland book . . .

(not long now! We are almost there!)

63 thoughts on “a taste of Northmavine

  1. i am so very excited that you have taken as your them the colors of shetland. i’ve been mooning over them and hoping you would make something of them ever since i started grokking your pix.
    neolithic knives. ohhhhh grrrl.

  2. You naughty girl, that’s the shawl for me, now I will be tapping my toes and fingers and sighing intermittently until the pattern is released :) The colours, shape, design and yarn are yet again flawless, well done :)

  3. I love the texture and colors. I don’t know if I can wait until I finish my Betty Mouat cowl to order this yarn.

  4. I have been curious about the tantalizing photo and now I know a little more. Waiting (im)patiently for the book and praying it will be available in the US immediately!

  5. I know that we all overuse the phrase “I can’t wait for this”, but I really can’t wait…..so eagerly looking forward to the publication. I’m so happy for you as you add another feature to your business. The shawl is beautiful.

  6. I’m halfway through the BMC and know that this will be on my needles as soon as I get hold of the book. Love working that Shetland openwork.

    On a side note is your lovely dress by Seasalt?

  7. wow….just wow…..looking for the perfect shawl pattern,and i think i may have just found it…..so beautiful!!!!

  8. Look at all these wonderful comments, people you inspire! I noticed the distinctive shaping immediately and wanted to spend time studying your innovation. So looking forward to your book.

  9. Thanks so much for putting our guessing to an end with your kind reveal of one of the designs. I’m joining everyone else with finger poised over the “buy” button when your book comes out.

  10. The shawl is lovely, but I’m completely distracted by the way you’ve wrapped it. Are the ends tied? tucked?? It’s such a perfect way to wear a shawl of this shape and I’ve never thought of it (or seen it).

  11. Love love love the design. Takes me back to our holiday in Shetland this summer when we stayed in the sister lodge to the the one you stayed in for Shetland wool week..can’t wait for the book. Love your blog, designs and zest for life.

  12. Kate your designs have so much integrity and simple beauty, a quiet spirit. I just love your sense of style and shape. I dont know you but feel these designs are from the honest heart of yourself. They speak in silence so strongly. You have such a huge talent. Thank you

  13. Lovely shawl. I love it wrapped around your shoulders and waist. Any shawls I made are more like shawlettes, however I may have to make this gem. I am excited for the publishing of your book, and I look forward to having one of my very own!

  14. I’m very new to knitting but your designs and especially this one are exactly why i started knitting. Something that combines so many great things can only be something very special. I can’t always afford to knit with pure wool and I can’t always afford to buy pattern books but this is worth the patience and the extra cost.

  15. That is beautiful! I’m not usually a ‘shades of the sea’ person – preferring earth/foliage tones – but wow! I am seriously tempted by this… of course, I’d have to indulge in a whole new wardrobe to compliment it ;-) Love the ‘pinafore’ peaking out from underneath too.. is it a pinafore?

  16. My sentiments echo Bethany’s. I’m definitely curious about the way you’ve fashioned the shawl around yourself. Is there a pin hidden somewhere?

    The shawl is beautiful and I love the center scalloping.

  17. Beautiful Kate, the yarn-overs look to me like bubbles in a sun-speckled sea. I remember visiting Fingal’s Cave some years ago, it was an absolutely magical day. The sea was the deepest indigo blue, not like the shimmering aqua of the tropics here in Australia and the waves crashing against the entrance to the cave created sparkling droplets of water just like your shawl :)

  18. Gorgeous, Kate! Like you say, a lovely combination of traditional and contemporary. I’d love to see it in lots of different combinations too… So looking forward to the book!

  19. Thank you for finally ending the torture…it has been so lovely to look at the colours and even better to see the whole piece. Really can’t wait for the book.

  20. Beautiful! I am tempted to frog my current 3-colour project and make this instead. But I might have to buy another colour – my colours are more Pacific Northwest than Northwest Scotland. Add me to the chorus of those who “can’t wait”.

  21. Oh, such a gorgeous shawl! I absolutely adore the center shaping detail, and the colors, too. I haven’t knit a shawl in ages now, but yours is really tempting me! I eagerly, eagerly await your book!

  22. The design is beautiful, and the colours work really well together! I’m looking forward to read more on the story of this design! So far I’m really enjoying the wovember posts and your extra posts here!

  23. I’ve been knitting for over 50 years and I am going to buy a copy of your book as soon as it arrives in Canada. The shawl, when you let it fly reminds me of a butterfly….so beautiful and meaningful to me in a spiritual way.

  24. You have undeniably Arrived with this one. Absolutely stunning, and the homogenized tones just so soothing, everything about it, sparkles of true artistry. I’m clapping …

  25. I really hope you put together a lot of kits. I am far from your suppliers and I have about 6 things queued. I want to buy from you direct, so I may combine shipping. I hope you are ready, for the avalanche of orders if you put kits together. I want to knit with the yarn as exactly as you designed. I do not want to substitute even one ball. Kits please!!
    Devoted daily fan from New Zealand.
    PS would you come here one day? Would it be possible? Bruce probably couldn’t make it, but we have some wonderful runs around here, we could find a really good one for Tom. (Ps we are in. The craft brewing industry so can find good beer also)

  26. Looking forward to your book, and with summer approaching there’ll be plenty of tme to knit some goodies for next winter; starting with this beautiful shawl.

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