There was a really magnificent aurora here last night – I thought you might like to see it. Tom took this time lapse out by Loch Lomond – there’s 78 minutes compressed into 13 seconds.

Thanks so much for your responses to my last post, especially the reading suggestions, which have been very helpful. A few of you have kindly emailed me too – if you’ve not heard from me you should do so today. Thank you! x

48 thoughts on “aurora

  1. Since I live in the far north, I am lucky enough to see the lights often. I love them and they bring great peacefulness and joy at the same time to my soul. The Natives here believe they are their elders and if you whistle they will move and dance across the sky. I never tire of them and each time I see the lights it is like the very first time ever seeing them dance and shimmer across the northern sky.


  2. Hi Kate,

    I wrote the other day and I was doubtful at the time that a reply would go through using one of these emails, but I couldn’t find any other email address on your website. I am not clamoring for a reply, but when you wrote in the Aurora post that you’d be replying “today” to emails you’d received, and I did not hear anything, I thought perhaps you’d never received my email. So, I’m just checking! If you did receive it but didn’t have time or inclination to reply, that is OK of course! (If I hear nothing though, I may try sending this to the shop email I corresponded through when I had some question about my Pink Fish pattern. It’s just too annoying to have written and think of my email sitting in limbo somewhere in Internet space)!

    Thanks to you and Tom for the lovely time lapse photo of the aurora. Stephanie



  3. That looks great! Love the time lapse video
    I saw the northern lights for the first time last week when we travelled to Iceland. It was quite a magical night because there was some very high activity and the lights danced beautifully just above our head.
    The only thing that really surprised me is that it doesn’t quite look that green when you’re looking at it with the naked eye. It’s only when you’re making pictures that the colours become very vibrant


  4. Thank you for sharing ! Tom’s photography is just amazing!!! Love that you share where you live with us, it is too beautiful for words. I think for me, this is perfect inspiration for a knitting series called Northern Lights or Aurora !! My husband and I want to see them one day, we just watched a documentary about them…..dreaming of a visit to see that spectacular show in the sky!!!


  5. Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing this!
    So Kate, how about an aurora design? Please?! Sweater or hap and possible accompanying hat! Just in your spare time of course!
    Best wishes to you and Tom


  6. Oooh that so reminds me of when I was a little girl and my father took us all into the backyard, to see the Aurora for the first time. I remember the smell of the damp earth, the crunch of the fall leaves under our feet and my two sibling and I oohing and awing, when we watched them dance across the sky and the smile on my father’s face at our delight.

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  7. Wonderful. I saw the alert last night and rather optimistically went outside to have a look but the only glow was from the street lights. Maybe one day. I really miss living somewhere where I can see the stars properly.


  8. It’s on my bucket list to see one. I finally saw a moose after years of roadside warning signs! And a double rainbow as well as meteor showers, so one day … meanwhile, thanks for sharing so splendidly! CHM


  9. Oh, my goodness – Tom’s time-lapse video was inexpressibly lovely. What an awe-inspiring sight. You are blessed
    – to see such a beautiful heavenly object
    – to have such a wonderful, talented husband
    – to live in such a beautiful area
    – to be so talented yourself
    among other things (and in no particular order). Thank you so much for sharing this.


  10. All my life that I can recall, I’ve had this pull on my heart for Scotland. The photos, and this video, that you share magnifies it tenfold (at minimum!). I’m still hoping I will get there one of these days. Thank you for sharing!


    1. I just want to echo what Staci has said here. I think it’s because 1/3 of my ancestry is from the area (of which I’m 25% Welsh) that the whole region calls my heart. The gorgeous sights that you share with us on your wonderful blog and in your books are surely things that I yearn to see in person…some day…soon, I hope!


  11. So magical. I’m just reading ‘Aurora: In search of the northern lights’ by Melanie Windridge at the moment. I really want to travel North in the winter to see them but I read recently that the sun is entering into its 11 year period of low activity and the aurora will be less evident, and where it appears with will be mostly green with little or no reds and purples.

    Over the loch is pretty special. Thank you for posting up the film.


    1. There’s definitely been visible purple and red in Tromsø (northern Norway) over this past fall/winter, but not all the time. The purple always takes my breath away, but even when it’s just green on an active night, it’s pretty magic! I believe that they whole cycle is about an 11-year period (not that it’s low activity for a whole eleven years), so while we’re on the downslope, we’re not at the bottom of the trough yet. That’s still a few years away!


  12. What an awesome display. No matter how many times I see the aurora watching those streamers dance across the sky is still amazing. It’s a nice bonus when the weather is warm enough you can stay outside to watch as long as you want too.


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