It will not always be like this


The air windless, a few last
Leaves adding their decoration
To the trees’ shoulders, braiding the cuffs
Of the boughs with gold; a bird preening

In the lawn’s mirror.


Having looked up
From the day’s chores, pause a minute,
Let the mind take its photograph
Of the bright scene,


something to wear
Against the heart in the long cold.



Words: R.S Thomas “A Day in Autumn”
Photographs: Tom

64 thoughts on “A Day in Autumn

  1. Thank you for sharing the poem and Tom’s photos. So beautiful I could cry remembering the days I was in the UK. I used to love the autumny air :)


  2. Thank you. You sent me on a wonderful detour to learn about RS Thomas, a poet I’d never heard of, and on my return, the words and Tom’s images seemed even more
    beautiful. As with your sweaters, yarn, history and commentary, you create experiences that are far richer than the sum of their parts.

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  3. Such beautiful photos. Sunday, down on the Machars at the Isle of Whithorn and walking to St Ninian’s Cave was a jewel of a day too. We are so lucky.


  4. I especially like the order in which these lovely images occur, following the poem — from the warm, glowing light and on to the spectacular yellow tree preceding “something to wear” and then following the line “Against the heart in the long cold” are the two images with fog and a lack of warm colors. Exquisite! This whole post is so in concert with the days now in Port Townsend, WA, US. Thank you!


  5. What beautiful photos! I second the question of whether we can purchase prints of Tom’s stunning work. I’d love that.

    Haven’t we had the most glorious few days of autumn weather? I live north of Glasgow and I can the hills of the Trossachs from my kitchen window. I often think of your blog while I’m doing the dishes :)


  6. If anyone reading this likes RS Thomas then you might be interested in facebook.com/groups/22240849843 and/or twitter @RSThomaspoet – share RS Thomas poems, quotes, events, info, Q&A etc…


  7. every so often we do get one or two (or 3 or 4, if we are very very lucky) perfect autumn days which are just enough to sustain us through weeks/months of Wets of Scotland rain.

    thank you Tom for the lovely photos – especially the spider’s web – i have very active spiders in my garden but can never get a decent picture.of their creations.

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  8. You and Tom should certainly be receiving compensation from the Scottish Tourism Bureau because I just want to jump on a plane and find these locations. Second best, please let us know when Tom is selling his photos. I am redecorating my house after a fire and would love to have several of his beautiful images in my home. He is blessed to be in such a beautiful land, but, clearly his artistic eye sees things in a special way and which he so generously shares with us. Thank you!!!

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  9. Beautiful photos. I’m laying in bed listening to the rain after terrible storms and flooding over the last few days al over our state, South Australia. So cold for October, we’re supposed to be in spring! Bring on the sunshine.


  10. …….very sorry, dear mrs. Davies! The mail should go to my son’s family in canada…….but i guess i was too tired? Or too old – 73 years on my shoulders.

    Congratulations to your work….i am a follower of your blog and 30 to 40 years ago these special knitting designs had been my favourite ones for my family. I am thankful to your blog , news, photos , with respect and best wishes for your health, Ulrike Rathe



  11. …ihr hattet wieder einen wunderschönen familiensamstag……und der farmers market gefällt mir sehr! Heute habe ich fünf äpfel geklaut, also mundraub begangen! Auf der ehemaligen schafswiese beim schloßpark wachsen alte sorten äpfel. Der zugang ist offen….papa stand wache und so habe ich biologisch einwandfreie äpfel mit würmchen ( weiße ! ) , anschließend besuchten wir in doubeks garten das neue hühnervolk, bekamen noch einen wunderschönen blumenstrauß mit herbstblumen geschenkt……und hatten auch viel spaß.

    Der kermitgrüne bohnensack ist toll! Wollte auch immer für euch so etwas haben, aber eure zimmer waren zu klein…..wie gut, daß ich da nicht mehr runter muß auf das teil! Ächz, stöhn!

    Hier setzen jetzt die herbststürme an, das ist meine jahreszeit! Papa verkriecht sich in dreifacher lage von wolle , handschuhen und schals…..ich öffne die mantelknöpfe und lasse mich durchpusten……papa will nur durch den dunklen teil im schloßpark, ich will raus aus lechenich richtung ahrem über die felder…….hochexplosive stimmung! Wir handeln immer kompromisse aus.

    Herzlichen dank für die bilder! Mit lieben gedanken an euch, mama, ulrike und oma

    P.s. Justin hat geburtstag nächste woche, christoph auch.



  12. Thank you for sharing your lovely area with us. I have paused many a time in the past few days as fall has come to my corner of the world to capture memories to see me through the long winter.


  13. So lovely, beautiful photographs and the words of a treasured poet. Thank you both for capturing the spirit of these early autumn days. Take care!


  14. For Tom and Kate: Thank you for sharing poignant musings and visions of peace and calm.
    It is never enough ;)
    Beautiful light. Stunning photos.


  15. Autumn is my favourite time of year. The cooler air, changing colors, mornings blanketed in fog and dew… Tom’s photos capture the season beautifully!


  16. TOM: Your last photo is captivating! Thinking it may have been multiple exposures due to the suns and ghostly mist; but curious about that mysterious green “comet” you’ve captured. Perhaps a plane, yet the progressively broadening “tail” has me puzzled. Any hints? Steve Hauschka


  17. It has been so nice to see new pictures with each new post lately. A treat to see the landscape and changing seasons in your area. The reflection of trees in the pond and light fog on the grass is spectacular. And the photo at the very top is so warm in its colours. Does Tom sell prints of his photos?


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