O hap-py day! The Book of Haps launches today!
And we are now open for pre-orders!

During the pre-order period, Jen and I will be revealing (and discussing) one hap design each day. The haps in the book are wonderfully varied, but each was similarly inspired by some aspect of their designers’ everyday lives: from the natural world, to the built environment; from the outdoor landscape that surrounds them to the patterns of their domestic lives.

Our gorgeous cover design is called Montbretia, and was created by Carol Feller. Carol created this beautiful hap inspired by the shades and textures of her daily walks in rural Ireland. Here she is to tell you more about it.

Carol10 copy

“I live in the countryside, fairly near Cork city. Every day I feel blessed to live here; being able to walk to the top of the hill and see the fields rolling away below me. If someone had told my teenage self that sense of place was going to be so important to me, I’d have thought they were crazy! I really wanted to leave Ireland at that age. Well, I married an American, moved to Florida, got pregnant and suddenly I knew what homesick meant. I wanted family and support around me very badly. It took a few years, but we did return to Ireland and I saw it in a new light. There were so many things that had felt like a tie to the younger me, which now felt like a supportive community – and the grey misty days felt wonderful after the blazing sun of Florida.”

Carol2 copy

“Now that my children are getting older, and I have the pleasure of working from home, I try to remember to savour my environment. It is easy to get caught up in the busy everyday bustle, but my morning walk with the two dogs helps me reconnect; I get to breathe deeply and feel the landscape. I watch the seasons change; from brown barren monotones in winter into the bright green of summer. The end of summer, just before the turn to autumn, is one of my favourite times of year.”

Carol8 copy

“All along the roadside there are bright montbretia flowers growing wild, scattered with the white dots of the blackberry flowers getting ready to ripen. This roadside colour combination, as well as the wide stretches of open fields, are the inspirations for my hap. The garter stitch hills begin in the winter when the barren field ridges are covered in snow, this moves on to the gently warming greens of summer and finally the wonderful autumn berries and montbretias littering the sides of the roads in Ireland. This is my place, where I belong.”

Carol7 copy

“My hap is a style I like to wear; very wide, but not too deep. It can be bunched up around your neck but by having the extra fabric you have the option of opening it out over your shoulders when you want to wear it more decoratively.”

Carol5 copy

“The hap is knit primarily in colour blocks with bright splashes of orange montbretias running through it. I chose a textured edging to finish; I very much enjoy a tactile element combined with the visual in my knitting. This is probably why I like cables so much.”

Carol1 copy

“I hope you enjoy knitting Montbretia, and making it your own.”

Carol13 copy

Tom shot these photographs on beautiful Reawick beach, on the West side of Shetland. The model is Lauren Anderson (you’ll hear more about Lauren later) and I did the styling.

We are so excited about revealing the designs! Pop over to Jen’s site tomorrow for hap number 2!

The Book of Haps is available to pre-order here.

47 thoughts on “O hap-py day!

  1. Just to make sure: after the pre-orders are out, will there be still an option to by the print version of the book? I’ve read somewhere on ravelry, that the print version is ONLY available for those who have pre-ordered it, that later there would be only the digital editions. That’s hopefully not true….?!
    I’d love to buy the book but wait a bit and buy it later with some other lovely things from your shop.
    Best wishes,
    thank you!


  2. Hi Kate, the book looks incredible and I’d like to order it. But when I click on all of the links they go to kddesigns.com and I get the kind of prompt/message that appears when the website does not appear safe. Is there another way for me to order the book? I am happy to use PayPal, I’m just having trouble accessing the order process. Thanks!


    1. Hi Susan – I’m sorry about this – it is very odd. We have not had any other reports of this, many pre-orders are being placed, and our service provider assures us that the SSL (recently installed on the server for customer security) is completely secure. Could you try accessing the shop simply by typing http://www.shopkdd.com? The other option is for us to issue you a Paypal invoice separately, and create your order that way. If you’d like us to do this, just email info@katedaviesdesigns.com



      1. Thanks Kate! It might be because I have an iMac? In any case, your suggestion (why didn’t I think of that?!) of just typing your website address worked perfectly, of course. So I have now ordered your incredible book! I can’t wait to see it in person! Thanks again!


  3. Hello Kate,
    Any way to pay other than PayPal please. My experiences with it are not to be written about…
    Thanks and hoping to have this new book of yours in my hands soon.


    1. Hi Marianne, you can use any credit or debit card to pay? Payments this way do not require a paypal account (although they use their system for processing) account. Its generally easiest if you use a PC or desktop computer if you are paying by debit or credit card. If you are still having trouble using your card, please drop us a line at info@katedaviesdesigns.com


  4. Amazing first hap , Kate…cant wait till next preview tomorrow..its a great way to ease the time till we get your book

    Kudos to you Kate…you are accomplishing so much , and we reap the benifit…cheers pat j


  5. If all of the haps are as interesting as the cover, you will have a best-seller on your hands.

    Mossy green and orange aren’t for me – but my terroir is the Tidewater of the southeastern US. I would knit this in the creamy white of dogwood and magnolia blossoms, deep pine green, and a splash of daffodil yellow or azalea hottest pink. And I’d use my handspun from local sheep.


  6. I was prepared to enjoy this book. I love history. I love to dig in and know as much as I can about almost anything. But, I was not expecting to be blown away by the very first design revealed. I also loved the photo styling. Awesome.


  7. I’m already in love with the whole concept! What a great little enticement of what’s to come. A couple of questions…. what would shipping charges be if I were to pre-order the book and have it sent to Canada? And will there be shops here that will be selling it, in which case I could avoid shipping fees?


  8. Whoo Hoo Just ordered the minute i saw it. GREAT styling and love that type of ‘shorts’. Shawl is made more exciting by the ‘terroir’ aspect of it. Very important! Thank you thank you


  9. Love the styling for Carol Feller’s hap. I wonder if she meant the 3 colors to be that of the Irish Flag (or close enough)? Love the tweed shorts, too, but has anyone else noticed how big they are on the model? No wonder she needs suspenders (braces?) to keep them up. Love the hap, though, and will be looking forward to hearing about the rest of the designs as the days go by. I’ve decided to let the wave of pre-orders go by before I place my order.


  10. Love this hap. Have ordered the book today. Must knit it – my father was onbord the navy vessel called Montbretia when it was sunk during world war 2. Will think of him when I knit and wear this hap.


    1. It was a corvette, originally british, but served as a ship for Norwegian navy He was lucky to survive. 47 of the crew died.


  11. I ordered your book the moment I got up this morning! Montbretia is definitely going on my “to knit” list. I plan on making it for my cousin, who walked the Kerry Way in Ireland with me last September. The countryside was just as Carol describes. We were surrounded by montbretia (in Canada we call it crocosmia), blackberries and layering of shades of green that was spectacular. We’ve also been to Shetland together, which will give even more meaning to the hap. I can’t wait to see the remaining patterns, and to get my book!


  12. Raised in New York City and transplanted to the Chicago area, I would have told you I am a big city girl, but on my trip to Ireland several years ago I felt such a peace and sense of belonging, I really could have stayed. I was surprised by this reaction but must admit it truly felt like home. Thanks for yet another wonderful book. Can’t wait to receive it and start happ-ing!!
    Linda D.


  13. What a wonderful story Carol wrote about her inspiration and a sense of place. And how wonderfully she designed it in her Hap. The mention of blackberries makes me yearn for my childhood home as well. Hmmmmm. I’ll definitely look forward to the upcoming daily posts and purchase of the book. Thanks, Kate.


  14. All ordered and eagerly awaited. Your work and that of your collaborators is truly amazing. I love this Hap and can’t wait to see the rest :) Plus now I have ‘Oh Happy Day’ running around in my head which, after a stressful morning with my autistic son, is actually a very good thing. Many thanks


  15. Ordered! Beautiful work all — what a bunch of creative folks you have around you Kate. Yarn, hap, photography, styling. Can’t wait to see the rest & have the book in my hands.


  16. Love this piece — I would purchase the book for that pattern alone. Kate, I love and admire how your work and that of your collaborators blends tradition and excellent, unstuffy design.


  17. Was disappointed to find out that the haps are being released on a daily basis, as I wanted my ‘happy’ fix in one go! This hap is a bit slight for me, and I would never wear that shade of mossy green as I am more of a jewel colour kind of girl. What is interesting is the combination of the hap with its inspiration, helping to give it a sense of ‘terroir’. There are more photos on Ravelry though, along with the yarn detail which is Hedgehog Fibres, an Irish sock yarn further enhancing the terroir aspect. For anyone who is interested Craftsy has a haps class with Gudrun Johnston, who I believe is contributing to Kate’s hap book.


  18. HiP HiP HOORAY
    this is THE DAY —

    so grateful you are in the world
    to make our lives better, much better.

    My HAPPY order follows
    thanks again!


  19. I pre ordered your new book at 6.37 a.m. this morning, paid with pay pal, but have received no confirmation from yourselves. The book sounds fascinating, and looks lovely. Thank you, best wishes, Linda

    Sent from my iPad



    1. Hi Linda, if your order went through you will have received a confirmation – and I’m afraid I can’t see an order from you on the system. This was the point at which our server began to struggle . . . can you please send your paypal receipt to us at info@katedaviesdesigns.com and we can look into this for you?


  20. Beautiful hap, stunning photography, lovely model and perfectly styled…a superb cover and teaser! So excited to get my copy and begin anther KDD adventure.


  21. Just gorgeous! Love it, love it, love it! I have so many things I need to knit for other people right now but this will have to sneak it there somewhere. On a side note, I am really enjoying Frost at Midnight on my needles right now.


  22. I have ordered my book and cannot wait plus love the how you have added to the anticipation by revealing a Hap a day between this blog and Jen’s! To see the detail of the front cover with the designer’s input is wonderful. I love the styling of this photo and how the colours blend to create this style of hap which is so fine, yet detailed and a surprise of how it fits closely yet has a different look when opened out.

    I am looking forward to the next chapters over the days until I can see the designs when holding the actual book. Well done to all involved, it is exceeding my expectations already 💛


  23. The book is ordered I just need the weather to cool a bit so I will be able to wear my Hap, that is when I knit it.


  24. Yay, so thrilled for you, Kate! I’m heading to Spain tomorrow to walk a part of the Camino and will be thinking of it (and you!) as I walk… it will be lovely to know it will be waiting for me when I get home : )

    Massive congrats xx


  25. Wonderful! I’ve just visited Ireland for the first time and fell completely in love with the landscape, so this really resonates with me. Congratulations, an absolutely fabulous flying start for the book release. So looking forward to the rest.


  26. Wow!! I already want to make the cover hap – it is truly beautiful and just the shape I love! I am really looking forward to seeing the rest of the patterns and reading your hap history. I have pre-ordered two copies – one is a present for a friend.

    By the way, every time I type ‘hap’, predictive text insists on ‘happy’!!


  27. Congratulations on The Book of Haps. The cover design is truly beautiful. I can’t wait to order.
    All good things to you and yours.


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