Here’s the first pattern – or rather pair of patterns – for the Seven Skeins Club!


The Scots term for a pair of house slippers, or hüttenschuhe, is baffs or baffies. The term seems particularly common in Fife and around Perth, where my friend Mel hails from. When not tripping lightly in her high heeled shoes, Mel can generally be found padding around in a pair of baffies. These are Mel’s neat feet, in a pair of Buachaille Baffies.


Mel’s pair are extremely simple to make. You begin as you would for a toe-up sock, later dividing at the top of the foot to knit back and forth, creating a hard-wearing but flexible garter stitch heel, which is seamlessly joined at the back with a three-needle bind off.


The baffies are finished with a neat i-cord edging.


Mel’s pair are made in Buachaille shades Highland Coo and Squall. If you were feeling more adventurous, you could make yourself the stranded version of the pattern, which I am wearing here, in shades Highland Coo and Ptarmigan.


My pair are constructed in exactly the same manner as Mel’s, with a stranded colourwork pattern added across the foot. The pattern recalls the mountains which inspired my yarn!

The sizing of these baffies is pretty flexible and there are instructions in the pattern to make them fit well (by adjusting the rounds on the foot and adding garter stitch ridges at the heel you can make a pair of baffies for pretty much anyone).


I found this a strangely addictive pattern, both to design and make. Once I’d finalised the shape I simply couldn’t stop whipping up baffies! I really enjoyed knitting them and hope that you do too. And if you are wondering about the backdrop to our baffies, Mel and I are modelling these on an incredibly luxurious sheepskin beanbag made by our friends at the Real Shetland company. Cosy!


If you are a subscriber to the Seven Skeins Club, you will be receiving an email today with a download code and link to enable you to access the patterns for the Buachaille Baffies, in both striped and stranded versions.

If you have any queries about the patterns, please post these to the thread in my Ravelry group. The group should be your first port of call for any questions, and we are checking in several times a day.

And if you have not received your download link by Saturday, please let us know by emailing

If posting progress pictures or finished projects on social media, please use the hashtags #Sevenskeinsclub or #Buachaille so that we can see and admire what you are making!

Enjoy your Buachaille Baffies!

33 thoughts on “Buachaille Baffies

  1. Just wanted to say how lovely the yarn is to work with. And I’d never encountered the Turkish cast on, so thank you for a new technique – works beautifully! Thank you.


  2. Hi I wasn’t aware of your club until it was too late to join – is there any way I can buy this lovely sock pattern?  I would love to knit some. 

    Many thanks


    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

    From:”Kate Davies Designs” Date:Fri, 16 Oct, 2015 at 8:00 Subject:[New post] Buachaille Baffies

    Kate posted: ” Here’s the first pattern – or rather pair of patterns – for the Seven Skeins Club! The Scots term for a pair of house slippers, or hüttenschuhe, is baffs or baffies. The term seems particularly common in Fife and around Perth, where my friend M”


  3. Kate, An absolutely darling pattern! Made me smile while on the bus into work this morning.
    Linda, I’m praying for you and your family today, perhaps, even bearing your burden into the presence of God. Peace to you and complete recovery to your daughter.
    Noelle Steele


  4. Just received the my code & am excited to choose my colors & cast on! I love that the stranded pattern is your Bauchaille logo, Kate!


  5. They look so very comfy & I love that the design on the stranded pair is your Buachaille logo! I’ve just printed my patterns & can’t wait to choose my colors & cast on.


  6. To Linda Dziubala,
    I’m so sad to hear what sorrow you have experienced.. I will think positive thoughts for your daughter’s recovery…Keep thinking about the beautiful and the positive things in life…it helps to get through it all ..
    Jean Colson


  7. Those are beautiful. Lovely photos as well. They’ve done the job!

    I love the Baffies! They’re wonderful…Actually, I have never ever wanted to wear knitted slippers..because I thought that the ‘run of the mill’ slippers are so ugly..but your designs and colour choices are exceeding attractive.. When can I sign up next? (for the next round of the Buachaille club)


  8. Kate, Thank you so much for the beautiful yarn. I was anticipating receiving it and it did not disappoint. Last week we had a tragic fire in which we lost my husband and my daughter’s dog. She and I were able to get out although her hands and arms are badly burned. Thank you for putting a smile on my face during this terrible time. I am so pleased that your new yarn is the beginning of my new stash. All success to you. Your beautiful yarn is sure to be a winner. Linda Dziubala


    1. Wow, you are dealing with a lot. So sorry, I know from experience knitting can get you through. Where do you live? Do you need needles, etc. I would be happy to send you a knitting care package. I recently closed my knit shop and have more than my share.


  9. Wonderful! I knew to knit those as very short socks – but that eay to finish the heel is spectacular!!! I suppose these will become my Christmas giveaway for family and friends this year.


  10. Gorgeous patterns. Will be my first socks, so maybe I will end up doing lots like you. Well done on such fantastic organisation and such beautiful yarn. Very exciting. 😀


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