A snow day


Time for a walk . . .


on the West Highland Way!


51 thoughts on “March 3rd

  1. Dear Kate,
    No link with the previous comments, but I think you could be interested in the link below, an exhibition in Paris about the indigo colour. There is a book written by Catherine Legrand, one of the two ladies who launched the “La Bonne renommée” shop which no longer exist. C.Legrand wrote two other books you could easily found on internet shops such as A……
    Thanks for all what you create. My white Warriston pull-over is always congratulated by people. JD


  2. wow that’s amazing! I love it when it snows! We only had a slightly colder, extended fall over here in Holland, so these pictures made me really happy :D (also: you have a very cute doggie <3)


  3. Your snow looks beautifully fresh, but honestly, with the winter we’re having here (sub-zero Celsius continuously for more than a month) it’s hard to feel the wow factor when looking at anything wintry. At least Bruce appears to be enjoying it, and it’s a great opportunity to wear wool of course!


  4. Thanks for sharing your happy day and of course it is great to see Bruce enjoying himself.
    Hottest day of the summer today here in Cape Town and so much of the South side of the Mountain on fire. Dreadful loss of small animals and vegetation, all so very sad.Your photos have instilled a sense of calm in me.


  5. Beautiful! We didn’t really have winter weather this year and it’s already spring, pretty much. So I’ve been enjoying pictures of winter elsewhere even more.


  6. Nothing more lovely than a black dog playing in the snow! Have you tried throwing snowballs for Bruce to catch? We used to do this with Sammy (also a black lab) – he’d catch the snowball then look around puzzled wondering why it broke up and where it’d gone.

    Beautiful photos, Kate.


    1. Ha! Yes – this morning we were both laughing heartily as he gleefully chewed up and swallowed the snowball, then looked around to see where it had gone. . .


  7. I have a yarn tour of Scotland scheduled for end of September. I can see it will be beautiful. Meanwhile, here in Kentucky, we have snow on the ground and rain. Guilt free knitting.


  8. It is finally snowing here in my remote part of Alaska, too! However, I would love to be skiing there in Scotland. Are there people who get out and cross-country ski there after a snow like this? Thanks for your wonderful photos and blog which I enjoy immensely!


  9. Kate, the snow looks so much more beautiful in Scotland than our recurring snow storms in New York. We have yet more snow due later today.

    Meanwhile, I wanted to let you know that I have some photographs of the shawl I knit, using your excellent Hap for Harriet pattern, over on my blog.

    Perhaps some of the folks who read my posts will want to knit their own version, too!



  10. Thanks for sharing the beautiful snow pictures! Is that a Caller Herrin’ hat that Tom has on, in a red-brown colorway?? I just finished mine – totally love it!


  11. Lovely pictures – I like this kind of snow, nice and crisp for walking, much nice than the snow I had on Monday which made driving a nightmare with not a gritting lorry in sight. Bruce looks so happy, well and truly a snow dog.


  12. Oh, I so love it & miss living in Scotland. It’s lifted my spirits as I’m just recovering from another back op & was feeling down! So thanks so much for sharing your pics!!


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