Clearly it is hat season in this house, as I appear to be unable to stop churning out Epistropheids. Tom requested one, and chose the yarn – Rowan Felted Tweed in Phantom and Clay.


Both these shades feature pleasing sky-blue tweedy flecks, and speak to each other rather nicely. Tom wanted a predominantly brown hat so I reversed the chart colourway from dark to light. I was at first concerned that the Felted Tweed feels slightly less plump at this gauge than the TOFT dk I’d used for my original, but it knit up evenly, and the fabric bloomed really nicely after blocking. It has made a lovely hat.



When I’d finished, Tom whipped up a giant pompom with the leftover yarn.


So now we both have matching heids. Do we look insanely his and hers? WHO CARES.


Hope you are all enjoying the season! I have to say that it feels rather nice to slow down a little . . . which for me seems to involve less time sitting at the computer, and more time sitting in front of old films knitting like mad!

53 thoughts on “Hat season

  1. I think this has convinced me to unravel the sweater that I’d knit in Felted Tweed but never quite fit, looked, or felt right (I’ve been waiting for our love to grow for awhile now and think, perhaps, it’s time to let it go). I think the Felted Tweed will be happier out and about in the world atop my head.


  2. One very excited Christmas girl! I received your Yokes book for Christmas (I had put it on my list!), and with great delight opened a present from a family member to find it ready, and waiting for me to read. I read it overnight, and have chosen two patterns thus far to knit. I have decided to take your advice, and just knit something because I like it rather than the usual tirade of “I don’t think this neck line will suit me” so thank you for a lovely book, it will be very much treasured.


  3. Merry Christmas! Lovely hats for lovely people. You all make my heart warm. Thank you for the nice company, inspiration and beauty during 2014.


  4. A very merry Christmas to you! It’s been such a joy to read your blog this year. Thank you thank you for such a wonderful gift. All the best to you and Tom and, of course, to Bruce. You all are In my thoughts and prayers for a happy and healthy new year!


  5. Thank you for sharing your amazing talents and for the speedy publication of this fabulous hat pattern! Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!


  6. Merry Christmas, Kate! I hope you and yours have a lovely, calm holiday. I am glad to see Epistropheid knit in the reverse colorway. I have bought your pattern, and I think I will do the same, using some Green and White White Gum Wool from Tasmania.


  7. Amazed that you are able to get anything with a pompon onto a male family member. Mine are far too inhibited to allow for such frivolity. The two of you look great, and I hope you both (and Bruce) have a very happy and restful Xmas.


  8. Your hats are matchy matchy and darling. They’re different enough color-wise that I think you’ve avoided the his and hers trap. If I saw you on the street, I would think “oh, how sweet they look in their coordinating hats” not “oh, dear God, why do they match?” Merry Christmas!


  9. Yay for knitting and movie watching! I think that you and Tom look splendid together, but laughed at the “his and hers” comment. When my partner and I do this, I call it the “lesbian twins” look. I hope that you all have a lovely, quiet…and warm…Christmas. (Oh, and I think that Bruce wants someone to throw a ball, or continue the walk. I don’t think that he is asking for knitwear, as his coat is lovely all on its own.)


  10. Merry Christmas to you both! I love the hats such a great design. I agree on the slowing down during the Holidays as this is my goal as well. Step off that fast track and enjoy all the simple things that life has to offer!


  11. I love all your designs and reading your blog. I love love love your pictures. Sending you, Tom, and bruce health and happiness and sucess in the new year.


  12. Please make this up as a doggy coat from Bruce – he lookes left out, and I’m sure he would love a pom-pom :)
    Merry Christmas and best wishes for the new year to you all.


    1. I thought the same about a coat for Bruce.

      However, being a ‘proper’ dog I’m sure he doesn’t really want one at all – and in my experience it would need to be in dark colours because of the mud issue and considering how often they need to be washed you’d need about three of them! My dog Sorca didn’t want to wear the ones I knitted her in great tweeds – but she did love sleeping on them!

      Looking at the picture, I don’t think he is miffed at his lack of hat – I think he is impatient to get on with his walk and follow those smells that are calling and are just SO enticing. Way to go Bruce!


  13. Oh, dear, Kate…….I notice poor Bruce in the background looking very….well, hatless. You must come up with an appropriate head cover for our precious Bruce.
    And, I think with your matching blue eyes, you and Tom look perfect!
    Happy Knitting for the Fun of it! A head can never have too many hats!


  14. Fantastic! Perhaps my husband will have a Epistropheids for his Birthday in February. Wishing you, Tom, and Bruce a Merry Christmas.


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