If you have placed an order for Yokes, most of you will by now have received an email containing your unique code to enable download of the digital e-book.

If you haven’t received this email, please first check your spam and all your other folders, particularly any ‘promotions’ or ‘social’ folders that your email client may have set up for you.

If you still can’t find your email, my pal Russell has set up a genius system which will send your code to you automatically.

Simply enter your email address here and wait for the response.

(Every order placed is assigned its own unique code; if you haven’t placed an order, you won’t receive a code!)

When you have received your code, to access the e-book, you should first log into Ravelry and then enter your code here.

(It is necessary to log in before redeeming your code if you would like the book to appear in your Ravelry ‘library’. If you are not a Ravelry member, don’t worry about this step)

If you are still experiencing difficulties, or have any questions about the book or download, please contact me on yokesATkatedaviesdesigns.com

Now, back to those labels . . .

speak soon xx

16 thoughts on “quick update

  1. Thanks Kate – got my Yokes! Sooooo happy, beautiful book and a lovely read. Looking forward to selection of next project. Thanks again, best wishes, Bron


  2. Bruce, give me a call next time you feel the urge to come to Kalamazoo. I’ll come to the airport and pick you up. I will show you a grand time in Kalamazoo. It is a wonderful city and very dog friendly!


  3. Dear Kate,
    I have bought on 07/11/2014 Your new book “yokes” Transaction Code: 6UU18505Y1308364V. So far I have not gotten it. Please write me when this book is sent to me. I’ve been waiting very excited. Many thanks!
    Best regards from Dresden in Germany
    Stefan Arndt


  4. Kate – I would also love to get a signed copy, but I preordered. I went to the yokesATkatedaviesdesign.com and my browser (US) could not open. How to resolve this, and is it possible? Many thanks, I am so looking forward to the book. Not peeking until I get it!


  5. Same here, email and code received, I downloaded the book and stored it in my Ravelry library but I’m resisting taking a peek until the book arrives! Thank you for taking the time to set up this system so that we could access the book as soon as possible.


  6. Yes, code received and e-book downloaded safely to my Ravelry library on day one. But like Lillicroche, I’m waiting to savor The Book itself. It will be a true holiday treat.


  7. Thank you so much, Kate, this is exactly why so many of us love what you do! I couldn’t resist downloading and I’ve cast on my blue Lett Lopi and I’ll plod on with the rib while reading your fantastic research notes. This way my “proper” copy can stay beautiful and pristine, too.


  8. Thank you so much Kate for the optional download – it has been brilliantly managed (so many helpful elves here and on Ravelry). So far I have resisted peeking but it is encouraging me to finish my Macrihanish so I can start a Cockatoo Brae! I hope you will get a rest soon!


  9. As much as I wanted to wait to get the book in my hand, I couldn’t resist downloading the e-book. Thank you so much for enabling this option for us. It is a beautiful book! Can’t wait to get the real thing.


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