Tom likes to run the Islay half marathon. Not only does this race take place in one of our favourite places, but the Islay half marathon is always a grand occasion, with wonderful local support. The Islay half marathon is also sponsored by Ardbeg. Ardbeg is one of Islay’s eight distilleries and the whisky it produces is Tom’s undoubted favourite of any usquebaugh. Ardbeg is very generous with its sponsorship: all competitors receive a wee dram or two at the end of the race, and there are a dizzying array of prizes, most of them whisky related. Tom is in no way a pot-hunter, but it is fair to say that the prospect of a tasty bottle of Ardbeg has certainly spurred him onward on each of the seven occasions he’s run this race.

Here’s the start of this year’s Islay half marathon.


. . . here’s Tom shortly after setting off:


. . . despite his recent appendix-related woes, and subsequent lack of training, he had a great run, finishing in 1 hour 25 minutes and coming in 3rd Veteran (that’s the third bloke over 40, in case you were wondering). We were agog at the prize giving: would the 3rd Veteran actually win a bottle of . . . Ardbeg?


Yes indeedy ! And not just any Ardbeg . . . Tom’s prize was a bottle of Uigeadail!


Uigeadail is named after the “dark and mysterious” loch which provides the Ardbeg distillery with its distinctive water. Tom is such a great fan of this whisky, and was so intrigued by this loch, that we actually took a pilgrimage on foot to it five years ago last winter. It was indeed dark. And mysterious. And very, very cold. Here is Tom at Loch Uigeadail in January 2009 . . .


. . . and here he is having imbibed several prize-winning drams of its namesake in August 2014.



30 thoughts on “a bottle of Uigeadail

  1. Congratulations and a great win!! My daughter is a triathlon and have always been so impressed with the camaraderie at these events so can imagine what a wonderful event it would have been… but she has never won a magnificent bottle of whiskey!


  2. Congratulations Tom! Well done!

    I love all your knitting patterns Kate but I’m thinking I must try Tom’s favorite whiskey. Then I’ll have the whole package. Whiskey keeps me a but more on the straight path of k2 p1 than a martini. ;)


  3. We were on Islay a few years ago so I can picture the exact spot where the race started–quite a hill! I think everyone who manages to finish a half marathon deserves a bottle of the good stuff!


  4. Well Done:) I’m always in awe of people who do marathons- such dedication and commitment to get ready for the big day. I haven’t been to Islay for a very long time but just remember it being very green and having quite a few distilleries! Enjoy ur well deserved drams, Tom:)


  5. Congratulations, Tom! I hope he’ll share. Ardbeg is our favorite “special occasion” tipple; I’ve never even seen the Uigeadail. If I can track it down in the U.S., it will make a nice present for my fella.


  6. Well done, Tom. My husband bought himself a bottle of Uigeadail to celebrate his 50th birthday earlier this year. We decided it was like drinking a Victorian gentleman’s club, all smoky cigars and old leather armchairs.


  7. Congratulations to Tom. My husband and I were in Scotland two years ago and while we were there, we got to taste some fine whiskys. Just recently, I bought my husband his first bottle of Ardbeg. I will show him this blog post.


  8. Well done Tom! I am trying to ‘learn to run’ myself at the moment, but as I am only on week 4 of the couch to 5k programme, I am not sure if I could even walk that distance! Amazing acheivement.


  9. Congratulations to Tom, long may he continue to enjoy running! So nice to have a really good day! (My daughter and her partner are both marathon runners!)


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