Hiya! It is I, Bruce. Today I am here to tell you about an important difference between Dogs and Humans.

This is where I live.


It is a good place and there are many things I like about it. My human companions also like this place. But although dogs and humans both can both like a place, it is not often for the same reason. This is one of the many curious but important differences between us.

For example, one of my favourite walks goes past these trees.


I like these trees because they mark the entrance into Good Field, a location where maximum fun is to be had. But Kate likes these trees because they are dead and alive at the same time.


Past these trees is Good Field – one of my all-time favourite spots. Whatever the weather, the grass of Good Field is always wet and the ground of Good Field is always squishy and soggy. In Good Field can often be found deer and hare who are fun to chase, and if the cows pass by, they kindly leave an interesting mess behind. In Winter the mud of Good Field grows deep and dank and in the Summer Good Field’s plants grow thick and high. Good Field is a place for bounding, for leaping, for getting wet and dirty, and for gingering oneself up with all kinds of funky smells. In all seasons of the year, then, it is an excellent place to be.


Now, Kate does not like Good Field for its mud or for its interesting aroma. Nor does she seem particularly happy when she trips into the cow mess, or wades clumsily through the waist high grasses. In fact, the qualities I most admire about Good Field are things Kate merely tolerates, or on occasion actually seems irritated by. I have heard her mutter words such as “ballache” as she stumbles, is bitten by a horsefly, or, as today, gets muddy trousers after falling on her arse. So why on earth does Kate take me to Good Field if she herself does not enjoy the many delights it has to offer? The answer is, of course, that it contains Things of Human Interest.


Good Field’s Things of Human Interest are these Old Stones.


Now, I am hardly ever diverted by Things of Human Interest, and I have to say that these Old Stones strike me as rather commonplace. Certainly they carry no significance for a dog like me.


And yet I am tolerant enough of human foibles to dutifully sit and pose.


Dear dog comrades, the moral of this tale is to joyfully accompany your companions when they wish to visit Things of Human Interest. That way you are likely to spend time in really excellent places, like Good Field.

51 thoughts on “Things of Human Interest

  1. Thank you for a wonderful post. It reminded me of the wonderful walks I used to have with our beautiful Vizsla. Sadly he left us two years ago, but he left us with some wonderful memories.


  2. Dear Bruce you are the spitting image of our beloved Murphy who left us last year and who like you loved to run through fields and bound and run and run right up until his last month when he was 12 and a bit. We miss him but you make me smile when I see your adventures – keep writing!! Oh and I remember the fox poo too (don’t miss that tho’) hah x


  3. I think Bruce is one pretty smart dog. He seems tolerant and compassionate and has a subtle sense of humor. It was fun hearing from him.
    Hi Kate!


  4. Thanks for the smile, Bruce. And thanks for tolerating those interesting rocks; the photos are gorgeous! Now get back to sniffing that field.


  5. Hi Bruce, I completely agree with you! You’ r a lucky doggy to live in sush a beautifull place! Unfortunately my legs are getting older…so no more long walks for me and my bosses! No more holydays n Switserland or the Ardens…we go to the seasite now,in Belgium, is very flat an easy walking. And sometimes you can find death fishes, and they smell flabbergasting! I love my humans! See you! Paw, Colin xx


  6. Bruce, you are so special and handsome and your posts are so much fun! and you know how to deal with us humans. It’s lovely to see you again. Please don’t forget to write!


  7. Oh Bruce.. I love all of your pictures and I’m so happy that you have Good Field to play in. But my favorite picture from this post is the last one. Were you perhaps sticking your tongue out at all of us humans?


  8. Now Bruce if, like me, you were a cat you would discover that in the Good Field those stones get warm in the summer sun and they are the purr-fect place to lie on and watch you and Kate! :)


  9. Hiya Bruce!
    So glad you can enjoy all the pleasures you have out there and have Kate & Tom along for the ride. Stay good and most of all be happy.


  10. Yo, Bruce! Good to hear from you. We four-leggers share a point of view the two-leggers do not always appreciate. Your mum should put together an eBook containing your adventures and observations (as told in this blog — plus any additions). It would do quite well as you have admirers of both the four-legged and two-legged kind. Thanks for sharing! I look so forward to seeing your pics and hearing your tales. Thanks! …………. and thanks to Kate as well :)


  11. dear bruce, you are a lucky l’il man to have somebody who knows that rocks come and go but good smells and mud are forever. i love you best when your ears are flying up. you are a good dog.


  12. Yes, Bruce, we humans are inexplicable at times. However, before you wonder why your mistress might say rude things when she, as you so delicately put it, falls on her arse on soggy ground, consider that the drop to the ground for a human tush is slightly deeper and likely more painful than one sustained by you. Hence, rude words. Have a lovely run…and wipe your paws before coming in the house. Twill save more rude words from ravaging your lovely ears.


  13. Hi Bruce – Toby & Phinn here, we are two miniature dachshunds who would love to frolic in Good Field with you, but alas, we might get stuck in some mud or cow pie and you might be having too much fun to notice that we would need your help to dig us out. We envy your Good Field, and we know that our person envy’s Kates stones.

    Licks & Sniffs to you.


  14. To all who love these Bruce tails, there is a movie, which is quite humorous, (On Netflix). It is called Dean Spanley, who is an Anglican minister, the twist in plot brings us very close to Bruce’s world and well worth watching.


  15. Oh Bruce, you are a very spoilt monkey, and hope you don’t go rolling around in any of those interesting and aromatic cow messes!
    We don’t have a dog (though I’d love a spaniel so I could him Professor Sausage Montgomery…or Douglas, I like them both and can’t decide) but we do have a very spoilt cat called Bernard. He thinks it the greatest lark to sit in the playground behind our house (there is a small hole in the fence where he can saunter through) and to look away when I crouch down to call him in at night….so I then have to go trotting round the block to the playground entrance to pick him up and carry him home. This makes him purr no end, and nod his head upwards several times. When it rains he likes to go out, have a dig around in the garden and then come running in with muddy paws…he’ll patiently let me towel him dry then he’ll go dashing back out again…he’s currently sitting in a small poly tunnel amongst the strawberries while it’s bucketing down, thunder and lightening…and he’s outside (I tried bringing him in but he ran straight back out and seems to be enjoying watching the rain)…..however we both like a crocheted blankie and a quilt!


  16. I’m not sure why I’m even a bit surprised that all of my fellow commenters are directing their appreciation directly to you, Bruce. I was going to compliment Kate on her impeccable Bruce the lab voice, but clearly a compliment on your stunning Kate voice is in order. Also Bruce: You have a twitter account??! Followed.


  17. Oh, Bruce, you are wise beyond your years, but then most dogs are. Kate and Tom are very lucky to have you take the lead in their explorations, and you are very lucky to have people who will accompany you on your travels. Excellent teamwork! You are looking quite handsome and well, Bruce.


  18. Bruce, the last but one picture – your expression – is a complete picture of dutiful sitting and posing. Your human companion can read you all too well!
    Lovely verbal descriptions and pictures.
    Great post. Many thanks Kate!


  19. You are looking good Bruce. Long may it continue. I very much like Good Field, ancient forces and all that. Ever more power to the paws and thank you very much Kate, super place and super photos.


  20. You are wise beyond your years, dear Bruce. Such tolerance of human foibles you have learned! Keep leading your humans into the interesting places of life.


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