A happy Beltane to you! It being the time of buds and flowers and new growth, I have today released kits of what is probably my most Spring-like design. Yes, Peerie Flooers is a woolly hat, but this is Scotland and a hat always comes in useful, whatever the season.


I think the linchpin of this hat is shade FC 11. . .


This marvelous, quintessentially Spring-like green is one of two shades to have been recently re-released back into the Jamieson & Smith Jumper Weight palette. It is the colour of fresh leaves and new grass, and as soon as I saw it I knew it was the perfect shade to set off Peerie Flooers.
There are six other wonderful Jamieson and Smith shades in the hat, including 91 (egg-yolk yellow) and FC15 (a perfect forget-me-not blue).


. . .and the kit is all packaged up in my brand new tote bags, featuring hand-drawn illustrations of my designs by my comrade-in-wool, Felicity Ford, aka Felix.


This lovely sample of Peerie Flooers has been knitted by my Shetland buddy, Ella Gordon, who is also expertly modelling it here.


Peerie Flooers
: the colours of Spring brought to you today by myself, Felix, Ella, and shade FC11.

The kit is now up in the shop, and if you are interested in the tote bags alone, I’ve also made these available for sale.


32 thoughts on “Peerie Flooers kits

  1. oh! love everything about this, what a brilliant idea to offer as a kit, and the bag too! beautiful model and hat. (i hope it’s still available at the end of the month when i’ll have some birthday monies to spend!)


  2. AhhhAAjaja!! placed the order!…. very happy… so exciting.. (I am laughing at the comment I just saw that guys don’t seem to want to wear teapots!!! Lovely, bye now, Thanksssss!!


  3. Hello Kate
    A belated comment on the wonderful post from ‘Tom of Holland’. I have been hoping for a man-friendly hat made of Foula yarn and wondered if there could be a hat coming to match Tom’s lovely sweater constructed from that great yarn. It is a little thicker than most of the yarns used for your other hat patterns, but so warm, but the guys don’t seem to want to wear teapots. Just a hope?


  4. I hope that you will restock this in these shades. The colours are so fresh. Being on the West Coast I seem to miss the first batch but in the end I play catchup. Just love everything Kate.


  5. Hello Kate!!! When will there be more kits?? Pleaaase let us know. Beautiful and would love to try that wool. thanks for your posts!


  6. I just ordered. I hope it went through as I saw a message it was not available and then I checked back and I was able to snag one.

    Love Ella modeling it she just looks lovely.


  7. Love this post! (Oh, who am I kidding? I love all your posts.) Spring green and egg-yolk yellow are two of my favorites, too. I forwarded this news to a friend who has been itching to knit Peerie Flooers, and I hope it sends her over the edge.


  8. This is lovely and I agree the green is perfect. I love your designs. Think I might be addicted to them. Just ordered the kit and tea towel too. Can’t wait. :-) thank you for all your inspiring work on these designs. Doreen


  9. Lovely hat design and great color combo make for a perfectly fun knit I think! I will have to order this little number. I love the color work on the top just a nice little bonus to tie it all together.


  10. Yay! Lovely, and just such a cheerful thing to knit right now, as the sun is finally showing itself, and the cherry trees are blooming.
    Any chance you will bring back the hot water bottle kits? I kept meaning to order one, and procrastinated too long.


  11. Thank you Kate. You are a great friend to Jamieson and Smith and Real Shetland wool and your boundless creativity and imagination is much admired and truly appreciated by us all. Ella makes a smashing model too!


  12. I tried knitting some too last year! This is how it came out. I’m still in love with your work! From Holland, with love, tiny beunk

    Op 2 mei 2014, om 12:13 heeft Kate Davies Designs het volgende geschreven:

    > >


  13. You just made my day! I’ve been wanting to knit the Peerie Flower hat for quite a while but I was too lazy to go out and find the right colours and the right yarn. Thank you so much for bringing this out as a kit!!!


  14. My mitts kit just arrived a day or so ago – very fast for coming across the pond! Thank you! This kit looks delicious too…


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