(Foula sheep . . . growing more wool as we speak)

Just popping in to mention that Foula Wool have completely sold out of their current stock of yarn, including all Tea Jenny kits. Magnus and Justyna are waiting for the return of the spun-up new clip from the mill, and if you’d like to reserve a yarn pack to knit your hat (or cosy), they are now taking orders in advance of the new delivery. You can contact Magnus here.

Meanwhile, the Tea Jenny hat / cosy pattern is available digitally via Ravelry, and as a printed pattern through my MagCloud store.

While I’m on the subject of contact details, I have to mention that my customer service email account has unfortunately been hacked. I’ve lost a lot of messages, and have finally had to reset the account. If you have been trying to contact me by email with a pattern query over the past few weeks, could I please ask that you re-send your message to my new address which is: info AT My apologies!

12 thoughts on “Foula Wool update

  1. I love that you are saving the original Shetland sheep. I live in the US & have a small flock of Shetlands as well as some Soays. I keep as much variety in my flock as I can for it’s size. I
    have two rams just now and both are the smaller size & have long wool, one has a dual coat. I’m concerned that so many people here & in the UK are breeding large, white, short single coated Shetlands, I think there are already a lot of large white sheep. However I hope you will always keep your sheep on Foula for the future, I think we may be very glad that you did someday. Thanks Dawn


  2. Have just finished teapot hat, and was too lazy to look for the right size of needles. End product looks great, too small for an adult, and too big for a baby. Probably too embarrassing for any one between 8 and 10! ( have just got a new grandchild and already have 3 grand daughters between aforementioned ages. Have borrowed correct pins and am about to start again! Really enjoyed knitting it!


  3. I must have ordered the fawn Foula hanks just in time!! A note from Justyna said it will be on the next shipment.
    Sorry to hear about your internet problems. I’ve never understood why people want to do this.


  4. I’m happy for Foula wool that their business is going so well now. I didn’t manage to order any wool on time, but that’s all right. I don’t mind having to wait until the new wool arrives at Foula. I’m just glad that such special quality of yarn exist for us knitters to play with.

    I’m so sorry you got hacked! I hope it won’t cause any more trouble than it already did for you. Best of luck with resolving the problem!


  5. Yes, I expect that sheep that is front and center KNOWS something :) Great that they sold out and not so great for your hack…GRRRRRR


  6. What a bother to get hacked! I am glad you have things reset. The expression on the sheep is priceless. Perhaps the sheep overheard some gossip from the flock. The black sheep and the brown sheep are engrossed in conversation.


  7. With your popularity I would wonder if they would have stocked up. I was disappointed but I do understand. I did order a pack anyway so I will wait for it whenever it comes in. Sounds like I will be waiting at least a month of so. Any hoo I have other projects to keep me busy. Thanks for the update.

    Sorry about the hacking of your account. Stinks for sure. I will keep checking in on the wool prob by the end of Novemeber


  8. So sorry for your troubles, i hope is resolved soon. Many thanks for foula wool info. i ordered immediatly after reading your last email and i’m quite happy to wait. It’ll give me time to finish the wip.
    Best of luck, XXX


  9. Thanks for the wool update. I’ve been showing everyone the Tea Jenny hat and wool I’ve ordered. I ordered the wool this past Monday and I know it’s silly to be looking in my mailbox for the package but I can’t help it – I can’t wait to get my hands on this wool! Sorry to hear about your account being hacked. I hope you’re able to get everything straightened out.


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