It is a while since I’ve known a spell of weather like it.

The verges have bloomed into wildflower meadows.


Everything seems sharper, brighter, a dappled world of light and shade.


The evening air is soft and fragrant.


Folk stroll about, bare-armed, leisurely.


Inside, the new rooms are cool and clean and very pretty.


Bruce prefers the shade.


We are looking forward to a quiet weekend, with no workmen, and no dust. It will feel like a tremendous luxury to simply cook and enjoy a meal together in the kitchen. While the relocation stress continues, things are out of our hands for a wee while – our only worry at the moment is Jesus – who has not put in an appearance for 11 days. Jesus is an elusive creature, and he has been more than ordinarily elusive of late while the workmen have been here. Still, 11 days is a long time, even for a self-sufficent and resourceful feline like him. Come back, Jesus.


28 thoughts on “Summer days

  1. My cat, Ghengis, disappeared 10 days after we moved. He was gone for 5 days and then just appeared in the driveway about 1 am. Hungry, but no worse for the wear. I hope Jesus returns soon.


  2. We once had an elderly cat who went missing for about three weeks. We had given up on her, thinking that she had become the dinner for some coyote. Then one day I got a call at work from my husband who excitedly told me that Spike had been found by the dogs in the wheat field next to our house. She was thinner and a little bedraggled looking. She gladly resumed her place of residence upon the dryer. There she curled up and began to purr and promptly fell asleep. Quite a miracle for a 19 year old cat!!!
    I’m sure there is hope for Jesus to return when he is ready.


  3. The massive building works next door to me have had a strange effect on our Mitten Cat. Having been totally terrified at first, she is now obsessed. We have renamed her the Supervisor for the duration, as she goes out every morning an observes the workmen (I wonder too whether she is not a little deaf). Each evening when they leave, she goes to inspect the work.

    Jesus is obviously a cat who prefers the quiet life and will be back as soon as the dust settles.


  4. My cat went on a 16 day “vacation” when I was gone for the day and a wild thunderstorm hit. I searched the neighborhoods, went to the Animal Shelter daily to check, put an ad in the paper with a reward, called her continuously, put out cat food, talked to anyone who would listen, walked the familiar areas, checked everywhere, and… one day she just walked in the cat door as if nothing were wrong. Not even a bit skinnier. Who knows where she went? (I hate that cat door, but its not my choice). She has been a homebody since.

    I hope Jesus is out wandering, and waiting for the workmen to leave. Cats just do not like disruption. Now that its quiet, Jesus may just come back.

    Love the photography, and Bruce is wise to stay in the shade!


  5. Jesus is in search of his own kitty adventures while the reno adventures inside continue. I do hope he makes his way back, but since he is a handsome thing, perhaps he’s making some other family happy?

    Bruce is looking content in the shade, and otherwise life seems fairly idyllic in the summer sunshine. Enjoy!


  6. A certain admiration for Jesus, to steal away with who knows what prompting, with some uncertain adventure. Jesus disappearance evokes memories of Rudyard Kipling’s “The Cat That Walked By Himself” story, a wonderful read.

    Living in the city one is not often treated by such natural wild beauty. However if one does not yield to the temptation of eradicating all the weeds, voluntary growth of plants, occasionally you will be surprised by the beauty that results.


  7. I’ve wondered about the cat, who hasn’t appeared in a post in a very long time. I hope once the disruption is over, he will reappear. If you haven’t seen him, do you mean he hasn’t been fed, or is his food left outside and has not been eaten? Your neighbors may have seen him coming or going. My fingers are crossed for a safe return!


  8. oh is right! one of ours was gone for a fortnight and then as the saying goes…….the cat came back!!! like other susan :) above said put some food out and i’m calling st. Francis right now!!!


  9. Most cats don’t stray too far from home so he is probably close by but hiding. When that has happened to our cat, we have usually found him closest very late at night. We put food out very late and that encourages him to stop by. Sometimes it takes a few days before he is willing to be caught, but we always get him back. I hope Jesus returns soon.


  10. the first part read like a poem of summer
    I am sorry to hear about Jesus I hope he come home again now that it’s quiet
    My friends cat got out and escaped into a forested area, he was an indoor cat,never had to fend for himself. He was gone over a month, she feared the worst but driving home late one night she saw shiny eyes on the side of the road, stopped and it was him!!! Scrawny but alive and very happy to see her

    let us know when he comes home!


  11. Cats are very resourceful, we adopted one whos owner had died and he lived in the east end of Toronto and we lived in the west. At first opportunity the cat bolted trying to find his way back to his original domicile, no luck there for him, but he had marked his way from our house and in 2 weeks time he showed up again. Jesus could still come back.


  12. I just wanna cuddle that bumblebee!
    Perhaps Jesus is having a summer holiday romance! He’s such a handsome cat what frisky filly of a feline could resist!


  13. Jesus may be getting his bearings in his new home….so much to explore….he will probably return when he knows the layout of his new surroundings…I hope so…or cats have..


  14. In hopes that Jesus is also enjoying this fine high summer and having a little vacation for himself away from the chaos, If I could feed myself from the hedgerows it’s what I would do.


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