I’ve had a lot of queries about Peerie Flooers over the past few days, so here are a couple more photos of the particular hat in question. After being approached by the wardrobe folk involved with Shetland, I knitted up this new sample especially for the production. I remember knitting it over the May bank holiday, while Tom was running the Jura Fell Race, and then posting it off the following week.


Mel also knitted up an o w l sweater sample, which sadly wasn’t used in the production in the end. But you may have spotted other Shetland knitwear on screen: Hazel Tindall’s beautiful Eid Top was unmistakable, even at a distance, and I was very excited to spot a Sheep Heid in the Up Helly Aa crowd. During filming in Shetland, my friend Sarah worked in wardrobe, and they did a great job.


These photographs were taken out at Hermaness last September, and because I know someone is bound to ask about my yellow raincoat, it is from Seasalt, I highly recommend it, and you can find it here.


Thanks for all your well-wishes. I am still not at my best healthwise, unfortunately, but with careful pacing hope to be back up to speed very soon. xx

39 thoughts on “hat at Hermaness

  1. do hope you feel better soon don’t fell you have to apologize to people when you are unwell your health is the most important thing of all still love your photos and your knitting


  2. Deborah, sorry to say the Seasalt coat isn’t born and bred in Cornwall – born maybe but bred in China. If it matters to you, let them know. :)


  3. Oh, thank you for mentioning the coat – I would not have dared to ask about it (again) :-) Very generous. It is exactly the thing I was dreaming about for a veeeery long time. Need a hat, too, now, I am afraid. I love your designs a lot, you are doing a wonderful job. I hope you get well very soon.


  4. hoping all the best for your health! I love your knits and your blog; I often forward the Bruce posts to my non-knitting but dog-loving parents and they get a real kick out of them :)


  5. I do hope those of us across the Pond will be able to see Shetland — and not just for your beautiful knits, although that would obviously be a major motivation! :) Congratulations on being recognized for your work. Now take it easy and get to feeling better while basking in your success; you’ve earned it!

    (And I actually ordered the yarn recently to knit my own Sheep Heid; I suspect it’s going to be moving up my knitting queue much faster than I’d planned!)


  6. Alas, Shetland not viewable outside the UK–but I feel famous by mere association! Hope it gets picked up and that you feel a bit cheered up


  7. How wonderful to have your designs featured in this production, especially since it’s Shetland! I hope you feel better soon. Have Bruce love you back to health. :-)


  8. What a great ambassador for handknitting your work is – its a joy to see it getting such well-merited exposure. Sadly I can’t see Shetland in Tasmania but your photographs are a fine compensation for that! I hope to hear that you are well again very soon :-)


  9. We wouldn’t have watched the programme but for you telling us about your hat. So glad we did, we enjoyed both. Get well soon.


  10. Ooh, I thought I spotted a Sheep Heid, but as it was only on a crowd person I thought I was getting carried away!
    Thanks for posting about how the process of getting into TV worked. I find this sort of thing fascinating. It was lovely to see all the great knits on screen (& I enjoyed the drama too).

    BTW, I received my copy of Colours of Shetland today – extremely quick delivery, thanks.

    Hope you feel better soon.


  11. You must be so proud to see your work is getting so much (more!) attention. Well deserved! And thank you so much for letting us know about your Seasalt raincoat. You were right, I fell in love right away! But the exchange rate scares me a little… Have a nice day!


  12. Love your hat designs and scenes of rugged countryside. Also love your sense of style, writing as someone who doesn’t spend their days in an office environment. Feel better soon!


  13. Yes, pace yourself! I know that is harder sometimes than going full tilt……… Great pics and the one of you in that rain jacket and hat Lovely.


  14. Oh, Kate! The pictures of you are divine…wish you would offer prints for sale! The wonderful hat, the vast sea, and our beautiful inspiration, you! What extraordinary inspiration you give us, for so many reasons. Please know we are sending you “get well” energy from across the pond….admiration and love as well.


  15. Ooops thought you were wearing the yellow jacket poor Mima was murrrrrderrrred in;) Loved Shetland and the hat spotting. Hope you feel much better very soon XXsmoorikens


  16. Nice to see the Seasalt coat, Seasalt is born and bred in Cornwall another remote corner of our country, a phenomenon here and usually well made and good quality things! I too loved the knit spotting in ‘Shetland’. My light grey Warriston is finished this morning! Be well soon Kate!


  17. Missed the show so just tuning in now on iPlayer. Been coveting that Seasalt mac for a while. I think I need it for the spring. One of the great things about coming back to the UK after Australia is the need for appropriate seasonal garments.

    I should really knit my self a wee peerie flooers to match. And a Stevenson Sweater.

    I dearly hope you feel better soon as spring blooms. Thinking of you, Kate. xxx


  18. Jua, ja, ja! Well, I did not watch it!!! ja… It’s beautiful to see once again that lovely hat and that yellow, what a color. Take care


  19. I watched Shetland last night and spotted Peerie Flooers but not the other two – but then I was quite preoccupied with my knitting at the time – Ursula mitts. Weather so damn rubbish I still need gloves and hats and I think they’ll be great for when I go running. Hope you are feeling better soon.


  20. After your post about the Peerie Flooers hat I got on to iPlayer and watched Shetland – really enjoyed it, and nice to see some great knitwear (after all the fuss about Sarah Lund’s jumper!). I liked Hattie’s Fair Isle sweater too. Hope you feel better soon.


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