Map of Shetland Islands 1906

I’m packing my bags for a trip to Shetland! Its been a while, and I’m itching to be back. I’m particularly excited this time, as I’m about to begin a new research project. Here’s a hint of the kinds of things I’ll be exploring. . . .



These are details from a recent vintage find on Ebay with which I’m very pleased, (particularly as it fits me!) Like all vintage hand-knits, the construction of this garment has a story to tell . . . I’ll perhaps say more about it when I return.

I’ll be away for a week, so won’t be able to process any trade orders, or answer any email queries until after the 19th.

See you very soon!

42 thoughts on “heading north

  1. We have plans to go to Shetland sometime in the next three months (as we’ll be on sabbatical in Berlin), and for a holiday gift, I secured the promise of yarn to complete one of the patterns in your book. Can’t wait for your report on your trip.


  2. Lovely colors! Would love to hear more about this find. Have fun on the Isles of Shetland and visit some sheep farms while you are up there! Pictures of them too, pretty please?


  3. I think we all live vicariously through you and your special trips since we cannot get there. Don’t ever stop posting and sending us those wonderful pictures!!


  4. I still want to visit the Shetlands myself! Until then I am very much looking forward to your photographs. And that sweater looks like a great find indeed. Enjoy your trip!


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