A pretty Cumbrian village . . .


. . . festive windows . . .


. . . and doors.


Ben, the friendly cat . . .


A fine local food market . . .


And a wonderful birthday meal.

In case you are wondering, the food at L’Enclume was just as amazing as you might imagine. We didn’t look at the menu, and really enjoyed the delicious surprises that all (ahem) seventeen courses of the tasting menu afforded. This was incredible food, impeccably presented, but I never felt that its theatre was pointless. In fact, in general L’Enclume struck us as being refreshingly grounded — from its use of local ingredients and suppliers, to the warmth and complete lack of stuffiness of its staff. As our holidays and meals are usually done on the cheap, camper-van style, the whole experience was a real treat for us and we enjoyed ourselves immensely.


Happy 40th birthday, Tom!

50 thoughts on “a few days in Cartmel

  1. Hi Kate, Gorgeous pictures of Cartmel, it’s a lovely little place and one we live quite near. The Lakes is fantastic at this time of year and people make such an effort at Christmas. I have to say though that your camera work is so much better than mine and your pics always make places look so ‘alive’.
    We do have some lovely wool shops in the area too. Glad you enjoyed your stay.


  2. your incredible photography of your travels is so inspiring! the images evoke a wistfulness for a slower and simpler life where it seems much purer than the brash australian heat and bright colour of the australian coast where i am. honestly, they make me almost envy the weather! happy new year and thank you for all your great contributions to knitting design in 2012. Can’t wait to see what 2013 has in store for you.


  3. Ahh..Cartmel. I come from a town/city not far from Cartmel and it is beautiful. Next time I’m up I’d love to go to L’Enclume – heard great things about it. Hope you had a Happy Birthday and a great Christmas. 40 is looming for me next year too..ssshhhh


  4. my book arrived

    my book arrived!

    Dec @24 just on time of Christmas

    oh Kate it is beautiful!!!

    Merry Christmas to you, Tom, Bruce and the kitty!


  5. Great way to spend a birthday. What a charming village. I love to know of good places to visit while D and I are there.


  6. Thank you for a lovely visit via pictures. I really enjoyed the simple Christmas decorations. Received your book for my recent birthday — it’s wonderful!


  7. Sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate turning 40! I am taking notes as I will be doing the same in 2013. I am glad Tom is paving the way and setting a good example. Happiest Birthday, Tom, may it be a fantastic year for you! Cheers to you both!


  8. Thank you for the trip. The photos are beautiful. I’m afraid if my feet landed here, I’d never want to go home! ‘Tis the season of celebrating many birthdays, enjoy yours Tom!


  9. Hiow lovely to hear such a good report of a trip to my neck of the woods – most people only mention the lakes and mountains in Cumbria, but we have some wonderful hidden gems like Cartmel all around us. Living here in Eskdale is like being in an ever-changing holiday brochure and I count my lucky stars every day! Happy birthday Tom and best wishes to all.


  10. What a pretty village! And as an ignorant American, can someone tell me what the lovely vine is that climbs up between the door and the window where Ben the cat is sitting and then hangs down over the door and windows? Is that by any chance wisteria, or something else? Even dormant for winter, I can catch a glimpse of how beautiful whatever it is must be!

    And a very happy 40th birthday to Tom!


  11. Your pictures are lovely. And I do like that sporting plaid coat(I suppose that is Tom?). Still waiting for my book-I ordered it right as you opened online. Will cross my fingers it comes next week.


  12. What a great way to celebrate a milestone birthday … and to end a milestone year in both your lives! It’s been a fun, full, wild ride – happy holidays to both of you, and I hope more good things ensue in 2013.

    And Ben is the best!


  13. After that description, I feel an urgent need to plan a trip to visit L’Enclume” to sample the 17 courses-and that’s from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. I’ve never had more than 10 courses at a sitting. All those different “tastes” must have been amazing and a wonderful way to celebrate a 40th birthday.

    Cheers and red wine, Hazel.
    P.S. My Colours of Shetland finally arrived on the 18th. Ignore my email query. Love the book and the patterns and the photography and the writing and…


  14. I’ve just had a look at the website ……. I think heavy hints are going to be dropped about a trip – perhaps to celebate our 30th anniversary of being together next month??!!
    The food market looks wonderful too …… it’s just as well Malcolm is cooking dinner as I type this, as I am now hungry!
    Glad you had such a lovely time celebrating Tom’s birthday!


  15. I like the subtle and beautifully simple Christmas decorations in this village. LED Christmas lights are gaining popularity in the U.S.A. now and they hurt one’s eyes because they are so bright. These photographs are just lovely.


  16. Happy Birthday Tom, I’ve only ever heard good things about L’ Enclume. what a lovely treat.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you both. ps, Kendal is only around the corner from Cartmel ;-)


  17. I’m so glad that you had a good time! My mouth is watering with the memory of the food from when we were there in June… I’m sure Nic is having the same experience! Jim and I are plotting to see if we might manage a sneaky trip there in February at half-term. Fingers crossed!


  18. Thanks, Kate and Tom, for sharing such a beautiful village! I read your blog as much for the scenery as the knitting! Belated birthday wishes to Tom and a Merry Christmas to you both, and all the best in 2013. Pam


  19. Happy Birthday to Tom, and Merry Christmas to you both! Your pictures are so, so pretty. Thank you for sharing them. Also, I want to say thank you for the gift of your blog, your patterns, and now your book about Shetland. You are an incredibly talented woman!


  20. So glad you have had a wonderful “getaway”!!!

    It struck me as I was enjoying your post so much …that your holiday post and the photos you shared have been a really lovely gift to us! A very big thank you!!

    Happy Birthday to Tom and Merry Christmas to you both!


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