Can one develop an addiction to pompom makers? If so, I fear I am sorely afflicted, for I am now the proud owner of several different varieties in a range of sizes — the most recent of which is pictured above. These tiny and rather pleasing contraptions will enable me to turn out miniature fluffy balls under an inch in diameter — which will hopefully add the final ridiculously festive finishing touches to these mitts . . .


. . . and these mittens


(I do apologise for the quality of these photographs — daylight is a rare commodity in Scotland right now.)

In other news:
If you would like to WIN a signed copy of Colours of Shetland, you have two opportunities to do so: first in the Visit Shetland December Newsletter, and second in the latest issue of Let’s Knit, in which I and the book both feature.


Finally, Tom is about to celebrate an (ahem) significant birthday, so we are taking a few days off and going somewhere really exciting to celebrate over a dram or two as old as he is.



I confess that I am really looking forward to a wee break as I have been rather occupied of late, as you can imagine. For us, Tom’s birthday signals the start of the festive season, which round here is a time of maximum relaxation / pie eating / film watching / long winter walk-taking. Bring it on!

When we return I will have some Snawpaws to show you. . .

Until then x

54 thoughts on “monday stuff

  1. Congratulations, Tom on your birthday. It’s always a good thing to celebrate it with some fine whisky. My husband has a nice collection of some malts and singles and we enjoy them together.

    The mittens are very pretty! Lóve the green/white combination. I still make pompoms the old fashioned way, that is why I’m very curious about the device you’re using.


  2. Happy Birthday, Tom. Bountiful Yule to you both, and Bruce. Happy, Healthful New Year.
    I’ve never made a pom-pom, either, and I’m much older than either of you. There’s time yet! :-}


  3. I don’t know about the pom pom makers (but tiny ones an inch across you say? Hmm…) but I am completely addicted to making pom poms – I find it very calming – having got hold of a ‘Prym’ pom pom maker last week. I now have pom poms on my Christmas tree as well as my Snawheid!


  4. My book has arrived and has been much admired at my knitting group. it is just perfect.

    wishing Tom many happy returns for his birthday.

    have yourselves a Merry little Christmas and a Guid new year to yin an’ a’ says she mixing musical references.


  5. After a very long day at work, I came home (Victoria, BC) to your lovely book in my mailbox. I am about to curl up with it and read it cover to cover, but my first impressions are that the production values are wonderful and the photos and colours are gorgeous. First on my list would have to be the Scatness tunic and tam. Beautiful. You should be very proud of yourself Kate. Quite the accomplishment. Hope you enjoy your holidays and trip. Happy birthday to Tom.


  6. Merry everything and happy always, Kate et al. If today, the 17th, is Tom’s birthday, he shares it with me!


  7. Sagittarians are the best; HBD, Tom! Intellectual and athletic with a little looniness in the mix. Blessings to you and your excellent wife in this best of seasons.
    Still eagerly awaiting The Book, savoring the anticipation.


  8. IN MY HANDS TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!! And it is just as wonderful as I imagined, sigh. Thank you so much
    for all your work. YES, time for a break and I’ll have a dram of MaCallan tonight for the three of ye.


  9. Your book arrived today in the mist of holiday baking. Despite the bowls of rising dough covering every available surface and clouds of flour floating through the kitchen, I kept taking quick peeks at the lovely pictures.What a marvelous book. I can’t wait to sit down and read all the interesting information. The Northmavine hoody is already casting beckoning eyes toward me. Also, thanks for introducing me to the yarns from Jamieson & Smith-such rich colours and sheepy hand to the final product. I have greatly enjoyed knitting with the yarn.

    Thank you for your inspired designs and wonderful blog. A Happy Christmas and Wonderful New Year to you,Tom, and the ever delightful Bruce.


  10. This post is wonderful, sorry to stray, I RECEIVED MY ‘COLOURS OF SHETLAND’!!!!!! I live in Michigan, United States. I thought I’d have to wait much longer. Its beautiful! Signed beautifully too! Job well done Kate!


  11. Love the mittens, are you going to release the pattern or have you already done so? I love pompoms as well. Happy Birthday to Tom, such a wonderfully supportive partner. Hope you enjoy your wee break together.

    We are not getting much in the way of real daylight in Kent at the moment either.


  12. Happy Birthday, Tom. I just had a significant birthday as well-70 on the 13th. Although I have several single malts in the hoose(Gavullin, Glen Fiddich, Laphroaig, Balvenie), I celebrated with red wine! Enjoy your celebration(mine went on for 3 days).


  13. Received your book (Port Townsend, WA) and had to immediately sit and devour it! I just luv the photos and stories behind your designs.

    BTW, those are cute pom-pom makers. Where did you find them?

    Happy b-day to Tom and enjoy your respite.


  14. Happy Birthday Tom!
    I hope you all have a lovely vacation and holidays. I love the new book and patterns, particularly all things snaw. I wish that we would have a bit of the real thing here in Virginia.


  15. Dear Kate!
    I received my copy of your book these days – I love it!!!
    Your designs are gorgeous. What a pitty, that there never is enough time… As a midwife I always have a lot of “work”, (which is great), also during the coming holidays. but I´m looking forward to knit at least 1 or 2 or… items.
    Will you continue your Textisles series? – These are wondeful and always interesting little emags!!
    Have a real great time with Tom, maximum relaxing!
    Anja from Germany


  16. I’ve just bought my first two pom-pom makers! You are a bad (good) influence! Hope you have a lovely, happy time on your break, you both deserve it. Happy Birthday to Tom, and Happy Christmas to you, Tom and Bruce. love, Karen xx


  17. Happy Holidays to you Kate, Tom and of course Bruce! Enjoy the birthday and holiday celebrations.

    2012 has been an amazing year for you Kate…..thank you! It is exciting to think of what may come in 2013 – raising my tea to toast the New Year!


  18. Oh yes, pompoms and the makers for creating them are wonderful things. I love to add a small pompom to my hats now and then.
    Happy birthday to Tom, have a very happy holiday. Hugs to Bruce and enjoy some time off!


  19. Received your book and it arrived looking exactly like it left you . How marvelous it is. You can be very happy after all the hard work you and others put into the making. Congratulations.


  20. Happiest of birthdays, Tom! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Seasons Greetings in general. I hope you two have a splendid, relaxing break. I appreciate the hint about the single malt — I am going to try to find some in Seattle for my husband’s Christmas gift.


  21. Pompoms are just happiness generators, as is Glenfarclas (we brought a bottle of it home on our trip to Scotland a couple of years ago!). Here’s to you, and Tom, and Bruce, and the lovely book!


  22. You’re right, pom pom makers ARE addictive. I’ve been in a bobble hat making frenzy for Christmas and the bobble is the key thing. Having muddled away with cardboard circles, the pom pom makers (of which I am now the proud owner of four in varying sizes) were a revelation and pom poms seem to be turning up everywhere, such is my love of them now. And to think, I’d survived into my mid-thirties withouth ever having turned out a pom pom. Now the nephews have interchangeable colours so they can adapt their hats as they fancy … we should start a support group although it would probably be more enabling than trying to break the habit.


  23. As addiction goes, pom-pom making seems pretty harmless. Happy Birthday, Tom! Have a nice relaxing holiday break. The wee dram (or two) should help.


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