where we stayed (I would heartily recommend it).

And the view from our window.

Shetland Times Bookshop, ready for Wool Week.

Delicious Fair Isle Cake, at the Heritage Yarn launch

Wonderful new yarn from Shetland Organics

Projection of Jo Jack’s work at the Bonhoga Gallery

Luminous Yarns

Jane Outram’s prize-winning tablet weaving at the Shetland Textile Museum.

Pressed-felt brooch by Donna Smith

Shetland Wool cushions by Ella Gordon

Phat Sheep Textiles

Handwoven pincushion from Aamos Designs

Nuff said.

27 thoughts on “Shetland Wool Week in Pictures: part 3

  1. According to the Museums Association website there is a risk that the Shetland Museum could close because of local authority spending cuts. Do you know anything about this? It seems to me to be a terrible idea. I don’t know if an economic impact study has been done but I expect that the museum plays an important role in the tourism economy and of course promotes the textile heritage of Shetland.


  2. Oh….lovely…I’m really envious ;) One day….I’m working on my husband and daughter ;)

    The photo of the Shetland Times Bookstore reminds me of the yarn store in Wallace and Gromit’s “A Close Shave”…


  3. Shetland Wool Week is capturing the attention of dedicated and talented people who are eager to learn more about the delights of this wonderful part of the world and Real Shetland wool. The wool industry is standing on its own feet and with support from Their Royal Highnesses The Prince of Wales and The Countess of Wessex we believe we can get our message across about the importance and value of wool to everyone. With people like Kate Davies showing what can be created from our precious fibre we know we are well on the way to preserving the Heritage of Real Shetland wool.
    Many thanks to all who visited and those who hope to do so in the future….. Keep Knitting…and weaving…. and crafting….
    Martin Curtis


  4. You must be exhausted after all that, but what a wonderful experience.

    I went to the Phatsheep site, and loved the goodies but was completely entranced by the name of the owner: (forgotten her given name) Shearer. How absolutely appropriate is that!


  5. It is so lovely to see all the pics from Wool Week! We so appreciate you, sharing so much with us.

    I actually have one of those lovely pins from the Shetland.org folks. Their newsIetters are very informative of all things Shetland, for those interested. I happily won a beautiful book by Mairi Hedderwick called ‘Shetland Rambles’. They also sent me a CD of Shetland music; which is just grand. Hubby & I are trying to figure out which walks to take next yr. from the walking guide they also sent.

    Your pictures have me chompin’ at the bit to get over there. There just seems to be, so very many wonderful things in Shetland! First stop upon landing, is the Shetland Museum to drool over fairisle things…have my knitting to do for my ‘K.D.’ hats to wear on those walks too.

    Hope you are resting a tad after such a whorl wind week…


  6. I had to go back and check out installment #2, since I missed it. All in all, a great photo review of wool week. That cake is amazing! The Shetlands are definitely on my must-see list.


  7. Oh this is all so heartwarming. I have soaked up all the pictures you have posted. Thank you so much! Everyone is positively glowing, it is lovely to see. And so glad you are feeling better again.


  8. My friend and me were at the Böd of Gremista for the Luminous Yarns! Great fun, using light and yarns and writing with it.
    Pity I didn’t get that button, where did you get it??

    I’ve read Ella graduated on these lovely pillows and the ones she made of houses were great!

    My friend was at the Organic Yarns, sorry to have missed that. But we went to the ladies in Scalloway with the felted things and the screen printed pillows. Very pretty designs!


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