I am not one for cleaning and tidying, but I rather enjoy preparing the campervan for a trip away. Probably the best part of this ritual is re-stocking the van’s small ‘library’ with appropriate maps, guides, and reading material.

Here’s an interesting read . . .

. . . with wonderful endpapers.

Ursula Venables plays an integral role in one of my current projects, and I’ll say more about her another time . . .

We are, of course, off to Shetland, where Tom will be behind the camera, and I shall be throwing umpteen shapes, wearing the garments from my new collection! I am very pleased with how everything is shaping up, and look forward to telling you all about it in due course.

More on our return!

K x

40 thoughts on “preparations

  1. I hope you’re having a superb time, and I look forward to hearing about the trip. I’ve been getting information from Shetland tourism channels for quite a while, in the hope that I’ll get there some time. Very tantalizing.


  2. Kate – I just started your Blaithin pattern today and I am sooooo excited and wee bit scared. I’m learning some really great new techniques through your pattern. Thank you!!!!!! Have a lovely trip!


  3. Of course you are off to Shetland just as we’re back and continuing our journey south to head home. Tonight we are in the Snowdonia forest, at some B&B that was just before a road accident. This twist of fate that caused us to turn around has us staying in perhaps our favorite place so far! Anyhoo, the ladies at the Shetland Textile museum gave me a handout for WoolWeek and I’m rather sorry that I won’t be able to go to any of your interesting chats. Thank you so much for your blog and the lovely images it showed of Shetland. My husband and I had a marvelous couple of days there and enjoyed exploring, heavily guided by ideas gleaned from your blog. I’ve picked out some yarn for a rather different color palette of caller herrin as well as a secret Christmas knit (hopefully this Christmas). We loved Edinburgh, Stirling, Leuchars and Lerwick, but I’ll admit that I believe the Scottish Highlands may have been my favorite. Safe travels!


  4. I have never heard of a ‘broch’ ! The 20 Walks in Shetland looks enticing and, hopefully, we will be seeing lots of lovely photos soon. Perhaps you can point out a Scottish broch for those of us on the other side of the Atlantic!


  5. Brochs of Scotland- hope you stop by Glenelg, where there is a very fine coffee shop run from a showmans wagon just beside the second Broch in glen beag- only a bit biased as I worked there earlier in the summer, but I think it just might be one of the most beautiful places in Scotland. and the coffee is really good!
    have a fine trip,


  6. I wish you a lovely time. It must be great to see a big project like a pattern collection, coming together. Shooting pictures is probably one one of the nicest aspect of a collection to work on so I hope you have a great time in Shetland!


  7. It sounds as if you have an excellent “working vacation” planned, and look forward to hearing about it. I will keep my fingers crossed that you have good weather for photographs, hikes, and floral identification!


  8. Last time my Scots-born hubby and I made a trip to Scotland he took along ‘A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland’ written in 1773 by Samuel Johnson and James Boswell … Am sure you must be familiar with it :) … A great read.


  9. Absolutely have fun, and can’t wait to see how it all comes together.

    And make certain Bruce gets in a few shots (if he’ll have it). He’s definitely a part of the tribe. :)


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