Hiya! It is I, Bruce. I have just returned from a F-U-N time on the island of Islay. This time was particularly fun as I have spent the past few weeks having no fun at all (going back and forth to the place where they put you on a table and poke at you, and are forced to don the humiliating cone.)

Islay is fun because there is a big beach . . .

. . . new walks with interesting smells . . .

. . . and I get to live in the box with the humans, which I really enjoy.

Still, there are things about being in the box that can be very confusing. Such as why it is OK to be wet some times. . .

. . . and not others.

To my mind, the most annoying characteristic of the human-creature is its inconsistency. For example, why is it that these buddies are good to play with . . .

. . . while these are not?

In fact, it is in relation to other creatures that the human-creature is most unpredictable. For example, one evening on Islay we visited this place. . .

I was told that there were otters about, and that I had to be very good. We sat in the box while Kate and Tom stared out of the window, occasionally muttering. After what seemed like an aeon, there was some excitement and animation, and Kate started reaching for her camera. All that had happened was that this had appeared in the water.

. . . which was, of course, not an otter, but a seal.

Now, if they’d have let me out, and into the water, I could have told them right away that there were seals in that place, and not otters. But as well as being inconsistent, human creatures like to think they know best.

But we dogs know better.

See you soon, love Bruce x

45 thoughts on “humans and other creatures

  1. Dear Bruce,

    I’m glad you got so much time in the water. I loved it when I was younger. Now I just like to wade into the river to cool off and get a drink.
    I know what you mean about humans’ changing their minds about things. I had ten lovely days in the mountains with my humans, living in the big box they call “the camper”. One sunny morning a bird flew in through the camper’s door, and Gretchen started flapping a pillow at it – but when I jumped up on the bench and grabbed it, all I heard was NO! NO! NO! Too late – that prey was mine. Don’t they expect me to kill vermin? They like it when I chase raccoons or opossums out of our yard. I don’t understand their reasoning, but I forgive them. They’re still good company, and I can tell yours are too.

    Your friend,


  2. HiYa Bruce, you handsome devil. Have you ever tried this one? Let’s say you are bopping along and suddenly sniff a trail treat and you know that Big Legs will never let you have it. Well, this is what you do. Execute a complete “about face”. Then stare intently into the distance. Big Legs will follow your lead and look in the same direction. That will leave you free to snap up the trail treat. Big Legs will never know what happened.


  3. Hiya Bruce, I’m Charlie and just for the record I’m a female chocolate miniature poodle. My first 2legs gave me that silly name, it just gets so boring telling other 2legs that I am not a boy. My new lot are much nicer to me. Anyway your holiday in the box sounds like fun. Isn’t it odd how 2legs will let you do somethings and not others? They haven’t a clue really. And I am so glad you don’t have to wear that humiliating thing any more. I reckon the worst thing about The Man with Glasses is the stick he shoves up my you-know-where – soooo undignified.
    Anyway, stay on the fun path Bruce and stay away from accidents.
    love, Charley
    PS Don’t tell Christina that I borrowed her computer, she’ll go nuts.


  4. Glad to see Brucie looking so well. Looks none the worse from his injury. I adore the close up shots of him as well as the action shots- ears flying. How fun to see the boy romping in the water with other dogs and listening so intently to his masters. All around fine dog. Thanks.


  5. Ah Bruce,
    Take it from me – I’m an old and wise Bedlington (Terrier natch) with a somewhat formal moniker. The management tell me they were thinking about my possible college career.

    Otters, seals, crows, ravens……you haven’t really lived until you’ve smelled and chased a Skunk! They are making lots more skunks in my area and it drives me crazy not to be out there with them.



    ps – sorry about the cone…..I feel your pain.


  6. Bruce, so sorry to hear about your cone-of-shamedness … but glad you are better now. I would have loved to run in the tall grass with you (although the beach with that wet stuff, not so much). Humans may be inconsistent, but that is part of their charm, no? Paw up, buddy … and happy travels in the box (which I *definitely* would not like one little iota).

    George Bailey the Wonder Kitty

    P.S. – And do you get tired of posing in front of the camera? You too are a good-looking dude, but still … sheesh!


  7. Terrific, funny photo of Bruce with his “lips tucked in” (as we used to say of our setter when she made the same face). Made my day!


  8. Bruce, have you watched the movie “Dean Spanley”? It might help you understand humans. Then again, it might help your humans understand you!


  9. What a handsome fellow you have become, Bruce! I’m sorry you have had a rough time of it with the V-E-T and the cone of shame, but hopefully your adventures on Islay will have cured what ails you once and for all.


  10. Gidday Bruce, Woody here. I know what you mean exactly – I am not allowed to chase kangaroos, emus, lizards, chickens, the birds in the aviary down the road, the three lambs in the yard down the road, motorbikes, cars, scooters, trains ……… yet I can run around with my friends! At the moment I am being jumped on, patted, thumped, laughed at, told not to lick all the time, by the big ones grandchildren… so share a thought for me Bruce. Lots of love Woody (lick, lick)


  11. Bruce, Ruby and Sapphira hear you loud and clear. They’ve just come back from a short holiday (from the city) to a sheep farm where it was NOT okay to go in the house they had to sleep OUTSIDE. And other dogs got to muster the sheep and move them through the yards and races, but they had to watch…..! And then the weirdest human decision of all: at home a bone is okay if it’s been handed over by the human after being purchased from a butcher, whereas when Ruby found various woolly lambs bones – remnants of fox attacks – she was not allowed the chew them because the human was squeamish. Yes, Bruce, humans are inconsistent, and glad to see you’re doing well and having fun!


  12. Oh, how beautiful. That is a doggie dream – but also a human dream. I would love to smell those different smells, run that big beach, and hang out with new friends!


  13. Hey Bruce! I was a Seeing Eye dog in Morristown, New jersey. I am a black lab like you named Frankie. I to went on many great adventures with humans. If you are ever in the states we can swap stories. Happy trails, Frankie


  14. Bruce, I’m sorry to tell you, but there are really Otters in that area. Well, sometimes. I’ve seen one not too far from there with my own eyes. Honest!
    PS: Oh, and I’ve also seen one on that big beach. But don’t tell the humans that, otherwise they won’t let you play there any more….


  15. Hello Bruce. I am very happy to hear you do not have to wear the “cone of shame” anymore. I agree that we humans can be confusing. I enjoy your posts because it is good to hear about your adventures with your humans. Yes, dogs know best.


  16. Feyla just came back from a similarly exciting weekend – I wonder should she guest post on the TIK blog? :D She sends a big “Woof” to Bruce!


  17. When Bruce writes he always makes me wonder….might our animals REALLY be thinking such things at times. And of course, he always makes me smile.


    1. Bruce, take heart. Those big two-legged creatures haven’t a clue about how we think and how much we know. But that is to our advantage. It is so easy to get what we want. Try facing straight ahead but keeping your eyes on them from the side. They will think it is funny but they will cave.
      Maia, Aussie.


  18. Humans win multiple gold medals for inconsistency, Bruce. Happily, in this case, your humans probably spared you another humiliation.


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