A new book.

(Thankyou, Nic!)

OK, Bruce, enough of the fleece dogs already . . .



48 thoughts on “ordinary day

  1. Thank you Kate for all the photos. But especially for the cornflower, my favourite, I used to see it in fields but never now,and it is such a heavenly blue. Hope Bruce is better now x


  2. A beautiful photographic essay and a lesson in finding the beauty and joy in everyday moments. I found this post unexpectedly moving. Thank you.


  3. Good Morning, As a wee Scotty myself many years removed I had forgotten the beauty of the wildflowers in Scotland and the gifts the damp climate brings us. as a human being struggling to make sense of this world the comments on this blog and the heartfelt caring they convey boosts my faith in the total goodness of human kind:).
    Thank you one and all.


  4. What beautiful pictures as always. They really are worth a thousand words – the sense of tranquility I now have from looking at them will get me through at least this morning! :-)


  5. Hey Bruce – Watch out – I think You Know Who is going to replace you with a Woolly Bruce….. be on your guard. It seems to have given my You Know Who ideas too!!! Very cold this morning OoC – I am not going for a walk whatever they say! Love Bruce x


  6. I wish my two girls (dogs) could meet Bruce they would a wonderful time together. Thanks for your wonderful photos and blog!


  7. I got my Sheep Carousel kit from the woolbrokers today. Thanks for Kate Davies Designs bag as well. I will carry it with pride.
    Karen in Canada


  8. Very fun post! Lovely photography! If you shot these, congrat’s! If not, thanks for sharing the views of your beautiful world!


  9. Thank you for sharing such lovely and vibrant photos. Our drought has removed all life and color from outside so I love seeing pictures that give me hope that, should rain return to us, color will return as well. Beautiful.


  10. The orange/purple/yellow flowers are begging to be a color scheme in one of your future sweaters. I love Bruce’s ears a-flop as he’s galloping with his blue ball. Happy Precious!!


  11. love those flower pictures they made me smile.
    I just lost my mom and am feeling very odd-there is a huge hole in my life. I never knew it would be this hard.
    Bruce always makes me smile too.


      1. thank you Kate for your kind thoughts-maybe someday I will get to Edinburgh-it’s on my “bucket list”. Family coming today and tomorrow for memorial service on Sat. Last night my dad and I went out to dinner alone and drove around one side of our beautiful lake reminiscing about Mom. He is very lonely-almost 91 and mom and he were married 65 yrs. He is also in wonderful shape(hope I can keep him that way for awhile)..


  12. I LOVE an ordinary day! and Orange poppies and Purple thistles. The only problem with thistles is…………they won’t last in a bouquet, they wilt, at least the variety i used. After all the chat re Yorkshire tea i ordered some, we’ll see…..


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