Just popping in to show you a few photos of the new BMC sample which will be coming with me to Woolfest. I wrote the pattern for two sizes of cowl – small and large. The large one you may have already seen, and this is the small. This size is worked over 7 repeats of the pattern (as opposed to 26) which means that you only have to cast on 147 stitches (as opposed to, ahem, 546).

This sample is worked up in Jamieson & Smith Jumper Weight, and I just love it. The colours in the J&S palette are really complex: one never quite knows, until one starts knitting, just how they are going to appear, or speak to one another. Separate, in the ball, the shades look so distinct, but knitted up together they perform a kind of muted alchemy. The combination in the finished object appears, to me at least, quiet and subtle, like something that has been naturally dyed.

I have never worked with shade FC24 before – that fresh, pale green that forms the cockleshell – but it is rapidly becoming one of my J&S colour favourites.

Anyway, I’ll have a few kits in this colourway with me at Woolfest (each kit contains enough to make a large and a small cowl if you are so inclined). I’ll also have kits for Sheep Heid , Rams and Yowes, Tír Chonaill, and the Sheep Carousel. I’ve been receiving a number of emails and tweets about the availability of the latter: if you are coming to Woolfest, I’m going to do my best to ensure there are enough kits to go round, and I’m also making arrangements for postal and overseas orders. More of this anon.

I’m going to take a proper break now – so I won’t be available to answer any queries until June 26th. See you in a week or so!

45 thoughts on “new bmc

  1. The colors of this piece posted on your blog are beautiful together. I love reading your blog and the pictures are excellent. I am located in the US. I will look forward to word that you would be able to offer and ship a kit to the USA.


  2. i love reading your blog and searching through your patterns. Amazing to hear your are in edinburgh too. Are you involved with city knitty or any other groups?

    Barnicles. x


  3. Kate I really think the new dynamic format for Needled is smart ! Regarding posts up to this one, you continually show me a refreshing side to your ecclectic interests, which ripple out and affect my own.


  4. looking forward to seeing, and touching, the designs ‘in the flesh’ – about to catch the train up north to Woolfest (and see my sister). Yippee yay!


  5. I’ve not commented for a while, but I’m still reading and enjoying your blog and designs. I was getting a little worried about the upcoming physical endurance test of preparing kits and manning a stall at Woolfest. Really glad to hear you’re taking a proper break before you go, and I know your friends will be supporting you too. Have a great time at Woolfest.


  6. Kate, Congratulations on both your 2nd Textisles (I’ve briefly read through #2 & am overwhelmed at all the detail you put into it. (Loved the photo of the policeman (?) measuring the length of her swimsuit to knee coverage–or lack thereof.)
    Re: Overseas Kits of the BMC small Cowl. When you return, I’d be very interested in buying one. Just let me know.
    Kind Regards,


  7. Love the smaller cowl. The large one was too intimidating for me as a inexperienced lace knitter. This one looks just fine! Will be happy to order pattern as soon as it’s available. Kudos, Kate. Have fun at Woolfest.


  8. Wonderful, as usual, Kate. Have a good break, and a great time at Woolfest. I keep telling myself I am not so full of envy, but am failing miserably! Hope to see you there next year (when I am not moving house etc.)


  9. I loved the technical detail of the larger cowl and it looks glorious on you, but the brightness of the palette put me off slightly; I’m much more of a muted person! These colours are …. simply beautiful, especially the deep pale lavender.

    I can’t make it to Woolfest either, but shall be there in spirit :) Hope you have a great and healthy weekend.


  10. Oh, this is just so lovely. I love how it manages to be both bright and subtle at the same time – it feels like looking at a spring hillside through morning mist.

    I was just perusing the J&S site and I was wondering, how heaving is “jumper weight” wool exactly? Is it a fingering weight? A DK weight? An Aran weight? I ask only because I want to order a whole bunch of it and I’m trying to strategize all the things I could use it for!


  11. Oh these colours leave me breathless………. Have always loved that cockelshell pattern and this really brings it out. Stay safe and enjoy Woolfest!


  12. What good news to wake up to this morning – kits available for overseas, that is!!!! Get some rest now and have fun at Woolfest – that gorgeous green says it all!!


  13. Me: Can I go to Woolfest? Oh pleeeeeze?
    Husband: Yes of course, where is it?
    Me: Cockermouth
    Husband: *!!***

    So wish I was going to be there.


  14. It is very beautiful. Funnily enough, I ordered a quite a few different colours from J&S last week and based my choices around FC24 and various corally rusts- so very similar to your palette!

    Hope Woolfest is wonderful!


  15. It looks luscious. I will enjoy combing through my stash of J & S to choose colors. I wish you a safe, successful, and enjoyable Woolfest. I know we all look forward to reading about it on your return.


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