This morning my sister, Helen, abseiled down the “Black Box” -an iconic building in our home town of Rochdale which is soon to be demolished. Here she is on her way down – terrifying! Astounding! Helen’s abseil was in support of Adam Kuteraba – a boy with Tetraplegic Cerebal Palsy whose quality of life would be greatly improved by an SDR (Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy) operation. If you are feeling generous, you can find Adam’s Just Giving site here.

Well done, Hels!

11 thoughts on “my sister, the nutter

  1. Same for me, standing on a chair makes me feel dizzy…but at least I managed to click on the link to the just giving site to help a little bit! Really easy, they take paypal, very convenient and with all the news about scandals at charities with high overhead costs, director’s salaries and doubtful choice of projects, I think it is a great idea to be able to directly support a specific case.
    Greetings to your sister and good luck for the boy’s surgery!


  2. Well done Helen, what an experience. But please tell me, why on earth is the building being demolished? It looks OK to me, and we simply can’t keep demolishing buildings on environmental grounds. Apologies, this subject is dear to my architectural heart.

    I hope Adam gets the treatment he needs.


  3. This story activated a memory: at age eighteen, I rappelled down the auditorium wall of my high school, so only 3 stories. A vivid experience I remember clearly decades later. Once you trust your weight to the rope the rest is exhilarating and as soon as I got to the bottom I wanted to do it again. Three cheers to Helen! and good luck to Adam.


  4. I would like to join the chorus of praise for Helen (and for you too Kate because you are as brave as your sister is)! Well done!

    I really hope Adam will get the operation!


  5. I guess it runs in the family…no not the “nutter part…all this daringness, courage, thinking of others…well done Helen that gave me goosebumps. Well done Sis for cheering her on.


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