At last! Some actual sunshine! We’ve been out taking photos of my new cardigan design, which will be released tomorrow. Heres a peek!

30 thoughts on “steek peek

  1. I am cacking myself at how many people have clicked on the picture and then zoomed to see what they can get of the cardigan!! lol


  2. Nothing like a tricycle ride along the front with the wind blowing through Bruce’s ears…… I think you look very warm in your new cardigan!!!!


  3. So glad to see you are feeling better. What a beautiful place you live in! Just seeing the picture of you and your loyal Bruce brightens my day. Can’t wait to see the pattern!


  4. I spy a Peerie Flooers yoke????????? I can hear the knit group at my LYS now. I convinced 8 of them to buy the Peerie Flooers mitten pattern and the yarn. Then I had to listen to a lot of less than stellar language as they struggled with floats and too tight thumbs and all kinds of knitterly maladies. I wonder if I can convince them that they really need to knit a cardigan in the round with a Peerie Flooers yoke and THEN steek it to make it into a cardigan. I may be taking my life in my hands(lol). Love your trike!

    Cheers and red wine, Hazel.


  5. That looks just like Crammond! I’m there with my grandparents on a semi-regular basis, how exciting, it’s like sharing a dog-walking spot with a celebrity!


  6. Perfect location – brings back memories of sleeping in a marquee there – as ‘security’ for a sponsored event the next day – did you ventrue across the causeway?


  7. I keep checking your blog to see what is going on . . . what a wonderful treat to see you on your bike, with your happy friend Bruce at your side and if that is the sweater . . . this just might be the ticket to get e to finish all my UFOs!


  8. It is good to see you out and about on the bike. And Bruce is enjoying it also! And I too am looking forward to seeing the cardigan, your designs and knitting, colors and style always inspire me to try something new, but I didn’t get up the courage yet for steeks!


    1. That’s beautiful scenery, I am wishing I had a place like that to take my lab, Oreo, along with my bike. What fun!


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