Hiya! It is I, Bruce. Today I enjoyed an excellent Walk, so I am here to tell you all about it.

This Walk begins at Cramond. Sometimes, when we come here, I run about in Firth of Forth, and dig out the fun mussels from the sand. But today there were many humans sitting on the sand. These humans were cooking hot meats on what they refer to as a Barbecue. Curiously, I am not supposed to eat from the Barbecue even though they are to be found at dog-level — delicious smoking platters, simply offering themselves up to me. In fact, only a few days ago, I discovered a large and very fun Barbecue in a place I often Walk to at lunchtime. The meats on this particular Barbecue were of the best kind – viz – the sausage kind – so I simply helped myself. Those meats were tasty! I guzzled several before Kate, and three unknown humans who belonged to the Barbecue, began the shouting and the waving. The words BAD DOG were uttered. These words are sad-making, and I was not allowed to have my swim that day.

Anyway, since Kate says I am “no longer allowed within half a mile of a Barbecue,” we took a different Walk today. But this Walk was fun also! I would like to take this Walk again!

Apparently, there is a bee in one of those pictures, which Kate referred to as “First Bee” before becoming strangely animated. First bee, second bee, whatever bee – all bees are to be avoided as far as I’m concerned.

Now this looks much more interesting.

Question: Why do the humans run away shouting “No, Bruce,” as I approach them joyfully from the river?

This is a fun river, with many things inside. Kate told me that they once discovered a Roman monument in the mud very near here. Well, today I unearthed some intriguing wet cloth from the bottom of the riverbed. Tom referred to this as “mouldy old t-shirt”, but what does he know? It may well have been a Very Important Roman find, but I was not allowed to keep it.

Here is something else that I was not allowed to keep: a giant stick covered in graffiti – though not Roman, apparently.

But I then found this smaller and equally fit-for-purpose stick that I carried all the way home.

See you soon! Love Bruce x

56 thoughts on “River Almond Walk

  1. Don’t despair Bruce. I am sure you will be able to find more barbeque treats. They are so yummy and how did you know it was not a help yourself buffet?
    You take such lovely walks in scenic places.


  2. I love the adventures of Bruce! They make me smile all the while I am reading. Isn’t it wonderful to have such a joyous creature in your life?


  3. Dear Bruce,
    We were so glad to read your post. Until we discovered it, we felt we were the only dogs whose human behaved the way Kate does. On our morning walks, we pass front gardens where sprinklers have been on during the night (because this is California, and people here are trying to grow grass where it probably shouldn’t grow). For a long time, our human, Suzanne, did not know what we knew: that after the sprinklers go off, tasty worms come to the surface of said lawns for air. We were able to have many delicious morning snacks, protein supplements, really, until Suzanne figured it all out. Now we are forbidden to root around in damp lawns AT ALL, EVER. Good bye, worms. Good bye overturned rubbish bins. Goodbye all treats on walks…Sigh. With admiration from Maisie and Griffin, West Highland White Terriers from Northern California.


  4. Dear Bruce,
    I like hearing about your excellent adventures. If you come to California, we can swim together and find sausages together. You can take the big sticks and I will take the little ones that crunch to pieces.
    Your friend,


  5. Hi Bruce. My name is Elsie, I read your post with interest and have tip I would like to share, because I have experienced the BBQ problem. What I do now is sit in a well behaved well nearby a human with tasty sausage. Janet tells me not to beg, so I move back a little and look helplessly at the said human. You’d be surprised how often I get a sausage then. Strange beings these humans but I think I getting the hang of them.
    All the best
    Ps like a swim myself


  6. Kia ora Bruce!

    Ignore those bad names they call you. I am a therapist and understand that what is going on is a projection. It’s the people who want to eat all the sausages and leap in the river but they’re too hung up to do so and ,consequently, complain about free souls such as yourself who do those very natural things.

    Best wishes to you from New Zealand.


  7. “Bruce The Best” at least you snagged something good to eat – and you got to swim another day. For a few good mouths full I would gladly give up one swim

    Love, Toby

    P.S. Being a miniature dachshund I am not tall enough to reach a BBQ!


  8. oh bruce. there’s nothing like a bad boy. i think it was george V who said never turn down a chance to relieve yourself or snatch a sausage.

    you. are. so. beautiful. to. meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


  9. I live in an apartment where I can have a dog that weighs no more that 25 lbs. Sadly that leaves out a “Bruce” of my own. I have take care of many a “Bruce”, the last named Reggae who when he was in trouble at his own house, would quickly run to the cottage I lived in on the back of the property and spend the night with me. I have a smaller wonderful dog now, 17 yrs old, but at some point would love to have another “Bruce” in my life.


  10. I found your blog recently and I love it. My family is in the USA now as 3 of my grandparents moved over from Scotland. I have been over there many times and love it. My son went to The University of St Andrew 2 years ago for his masters so, I visited a lot then. My largest connection I can find is Kilsyth where my grandfather was born. The family goes back to 1500’s there and were weavers. Your blog is inspiring me to knit again. Haven’t done any in a long time. So glad to find your blog.
    I love your Bruce!


  11. Thank you for your wonderful story, Bruce! I sympathize about the barbeque mishap. Our cat, Mookie, prefers his meat raw, and he once tried to drag away the turkey that had been left momentarily unattended on the counter!

    We saw First Bee in our garden plot today – on the southwest coast of Canada.


  12. G’dday Bruce, I am with you on the B-B-Q front! My preference is for rosemary and lamb but beef is OK. Swimming – yes, jumping and splashing, jumping and splashing and then the Great Shake!! Heaven…. Today, I was down the beach and got caught between the waves and the rocks and went under – almost – not so good. Now drying off in the sun not allowed indoors until dry for some reason. Off to the country for extended barking session at the kangaroos and emus and animated “Quiet, no barking!” from Him. She is not going so I get to sit in the front seat with a sunshade. Seeya!!! Woody.


  13. Loved Bruce’s post. It reminds me of a great children’s book called Stanley’s Party where Stanley decides to invite his friends over when his people are not home.


  14. Dear Bruce, There are many rules in life, lots of them sadmaking. Don[‘t let them impinge on your spontaneous nature. Barbecue has a whole SEASON devoted to it. Don’t be sad, there are four more months of opportunity.


  15. Oh Bruce! You need to be careful! One of our dogs Buddy was given to the shelter by his first people because he kept stealing foods (okay, and maybe also because he bit some people who tried to take the foods away from him)! Luckily we got to take him home, and after some time we have come to an understanding about the foods. Buddy suggests that Bruce look for small children with barbecue foods, because they are at the right height and often don’t seem to notice if you take their food out of their hands if you do it very quickly. Buddy is not welcome at neighbourhood barbecues anymore…


  16. I love to read these Bruce posts! He has such fun adventures. Yesterday I took my black lab fishing, and swimming. He didn’t catch any fish, but certainly got wet! And Oreo understands how Bruce feels about humans backing away when he comes out of the river exuberantly rushing toward us and he is totally wet and ready to shake it off! Why do humans back off? they wonder. I stopped, and I think it makes Oreo even happier when he can soak me also!

    Bruce is such a handsome guy. With a sense of humor like that, he’ll soon have his very own blog for dogs!

    I would be remiss if I didn’t mention all the food that Oreo steals, too. Anything on the counter is fair game!


  17. Bruce – It is sad making when people say bad dog, you have my sympathies. It is very boring when humans are obsessed with BBQs. I loved your walk and hearing about your stick and roman artefact. It has made my day. x


  18. Bruce, let me come eat those meats with you, and I’ll play sticks too, but I am not keen on the water. I like to run and chase animals is what I like to do, like squirrelz (*I caught one once, but then I didn’t know what to do with it and it just laid there, so I caught up to Jen up the ridge and chased something else. I also love to chase skunkz (but then this happens http://walkingwithemma.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/emma-bath-sept-09.jpg and even coyotez
    (wanna see my coyote chase? http://walkingwithemma.wordpress.com/2011/04/05/mayacamas-meadow-vineyard-loop/ ) ~ Lix, Emma


    1. I loved the post. Bruce is a very handsome chap. I have Hamish (18 mth old yellow lab) and Jock 96 yr old Westie. Hamish and Bruce think along exactly the same lines!


  19. Glad to see you are now writing Bruce. When are you going to learn to knit? Thanks for sharing your wonderful day with us.


  20. Bruce, you are such a good writer when describing your exploits. Too bad about the repercussions from sausage eating. Who was to know they weren’t placed at dog level specifically for a dog’s benefit? I’m glad you got your swim on this walk, but your diving form needs a lot of work. I hope that belly flop didn’t hurt your tummy! Can’t wait to hear about your next adventure.

    Cheers and sticks to you, Hazel.


  21. I too love reading about Bruce’s adventures. He is a lucky dog and his humans are lucky to have such wonderful places to walk. Enjoy Springtime in Scotland.


  22. I wish I had the URGE to walk more. I have a lovely place in beautiful country and I am content to stay home and enjoy my cottage.
    I was at the Cambridge Satchel site the other day and they have brought back the backpack. If I am not mistaken I saw my first old fashioned backpack on your back with a red hat on? I then looked up satchels (bookbags) on the internet and found the Cambridge Satchel Co and I think there is a picture of you on their site now???? With your red Satchel? Maybe not and maybe you didn’t get your backpack from them?


  23. I love reading about
    Bruce and his escapades. BBQ is yummy and I can totally understand Bruce slipping away with a sausage or 2. Ha ha

    Glad he got his swim he is a lovely one!!
    Thanks for sharing Kate.


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