Sarah came round for lunch yesterday. I made a pie.

We ate the pie.

We went for a breezy walk.

. . . and Sarah had a suprise . . .

. . no, Bruce, it’s not for you . . .

. . . a quilt! For me!

Sarah began making this lovely thing when I was very ill. She worked on it a bit, then set it aside for a while, as one does. But she recently discovered it again, and decided to finish it off. I am so pleased and touched that she did!

The quilt includes some fabric scraps that I’d given Sarah, some of which you can see in this post (was that really four and a half years ago! Sheesh!)

Some of Ysolda‘s scraps are in there, too. This is probably one of the thing I like most about quilts – being able to ‘read’ fabric in this way. I also clearly remember Sarah buying a fat quarter of one of the other prints in the quilt on a trip she, Ysolda and I took to Mandors, around the time I wrote this post. The associations of scraps and prints are almost always deeply personal, but, for me at least, tend to be very powerful. I can see my friends in this quilt.

The quilt back is just as beautiful as the front.

I love the birds, and that delicious fresh, Spring green.

Thankyou so much, Sarah! I love it. x

71 thoughts on “Sarah’s quilt

  1. The quilt is gorgeous and how lovely to have such a generous friend.
    But my eye was caught by the plate your pie was on – it is no secret that blue is my favourite colour. Can you tell me the maker and pattern if possible please?
    I am another Christina, from a tiny town in Australia called Sale; its former name was Flooding Creek which I think is much more romantic, but that’s how things go.


  2. I am really glad to see this quilt. I have been thinking about how to use lots of very pretty liberty scraps and i think they look best on a lot of white or plain background. I think it is a very beautiful quilt, what a lovely friend! I love your blog by the way and have it on my blog roll. You really inspire me to knit lots too!


  3. That is one gorgeous quilt! Incidentally, my bedroom curtains are the same as that backing fabric and I, too, love the birds. The black/white/green combination is so pleasingly unusual.


  4. Beautiful quilt, and the back is gorgeous too. Sometimes well usually you can never get the fabrics again, and when they come together like this it is so unique. Must have been a beautiful day for both of you, and Bruce.


  5. That is so special and the fabrics are beautiful! I am sure I don’t need to tell you, but you are so blessed to have such a wonderful friend.


  6. What a stunning gift! I love the subtle, understated effect created by the combination of pattern and fabric choices.


  7. Hum hum i’m sooooo hungry ahem no! I mean which vegetables are on your pie? Looks so yummy!
    This quilt is wonderful!! I admire the patience of quilt maker and their precision! And you can be proud of your friend! Because it is a wonderful present she made you and a prove of her friendship for you!


  8. Okay, first of all, I love your dishes! The blue and white is so charming. Secondly, what a lovely quilt, and such a kind gift! My best friend made a quilt for my husband and I when we got married, and it is one of the most precious gifts we received. I know I’ll always treasure it and the memories attached to the stitches and the fabrics. Gifts like that–and the wonderful friends who create them–are beautiful.


  9. What a beautiful gift, from such a loving friend. I love being able to read memories of people in quilts and crafted objects. It means they are still with you even when they’re aren’t (if you see what I mean).


  10. Just lovely. I was given a quilt for WB when she was born that contains scraps of the quilter’s first-day-of-Kindergarten dress, which makes it all the more special to me.


  11. The quilt is even more gorgeous because it was made with love!
    I’m very jealous of the weather you’re having! Just looking at the green grass in the third picture, makes me want to run away to Scotland! In Quebec, we had a snowstorm yesterday, 20 cm of heavy wet snow (on top of what we already had) and it should snow (a lot) again next week… Sigh…..


  12. Gorgeous – a truly beautiful symbol of your friendship, and thus a constant reminder for you now, in your home, of how loved you are! And the maps afforded by quilts are precious indeed… I have good intentions to make them for my children, but knitting comes so much easier…. Still, one day, and maybe including some beautiful old blanket scraps I have recently found….


  13. Sarah, Ysolda, Mel, all friends of yours who I notice a modest and lovely presence in the periphery of your blog, and somehow it makes me feel so happy to recognize those friends of yours as perhaps acquaintences of my own. What beautiful women you aresurrounded and propped up by , not to mention Tom and Bruce, each with an immense heart and young spirit ! You are blessed, and lucky .


  14. tell your quilting friend she did a great job!! the fabrics all complement the back! and a unique design on the front! i’ve made quilts for friends from their relatives clothes so i know/understand the meaning behind the fabrics! it’s more sentimental to have the memories in the quilt…you’re very lucky to have such great friends!! ^)^ linda


  15. A lovely day and a lovely gift that will remind you of time spent together wth a special friend every time you look at it. Something to wrap yourself in and raise your spirits when you feel down, both from the beauty of the quilt and the depth of the friendship. Lucky you!


  16. I love the quilt!!! Lovely!!! What a great friend you have. I hope the pie was good. It looked yummy. Funny Bruce he wants everything for him doesn’t he? Ha ha. He is so sweet. :-). Enjoy the quilt. It is great to have good friends, food and if course Bruce.


  17. gorgeous quilt – the colours are fresh and soothing at the same time. and i do like sarah’s sweater. a bit like a mixture of paper dolls and little birds. whose design is it?


  18. I love the colors, and I especially love the backing! Any chance that you know the manufacturer or if it’s currently available?

    What a wonderful day you had!


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