Hiya, remember me? My name is Bruce and I am 18 months old. Today I am telling you about what I think may be the best place in the world. The place called Yellowcraigs.

This weekend the Tom-human is away visiting the other human that they call The Mule, although he does not walk on four legs. After Tom-human and Kate-human, my next favourite humans are called Mel and Gordon. It is they that know of this place Yellowcraigs.

It is curious what humans find interesting about a place. Kate, for example, just kept staring at these twisty sticks.

But these sticks are of the growing kind, and hence no fun at all.

Gordon knows many things. He knows about how Yellowcraigs was once a rainforest, covered in lava-spewing volcanos! He knows about this island, whose name is Fidra.

He also knows much about the growing things.

This spiky thing is “Sea Buckthorn”

And this blue-ish purple-ish thing is “Viper’s Bugloss”

But the best thing about Gordon is that he likes BALL.

Gordon, please throw BALL.

While we were engaged in the pressing business of BALL, Mel and Kate marvelled at this swimming human.

There was much talk of “brr” and “chilly” and “a stronger woman than I” but I did not see what was so remarkable about it. For I will swim in the water whatever the weather! Who braved that frozen bog-pool at Eshaness last January? Bruce, that’s who. And can that swimming human find an important pebble in a pile of seaweed?

Or leap and seek out elusive BALL through the long grass?

I think not.

49 thoughts on “yellowcraigs

  1. I spent many happy hour at Yellow Craigs with my grandparents as a child. It brings back such wonderful memories, my own Lab Poppy would love it, maybe she and Bruce can play ball next time I’m in Edinburgh :-)


  2. Hi Bruce, I like your post a lot. The pictures posted here are so beautiful especially those of the twisty sticks and “Vipers Bugloss”. They are amazing. You are so fortunate Bruce to have friends who take you to such wonderful places and take good care of you. Happy many returns.


  3. So nice to see that beach again! My aunty fi lives in dirleton…(she may have been down the beach with her lab…) and we miss it :)


  4. If I ever am lucky enough to be “recycled”, I hope I come back as a dog like Bruce and belong to people like you and Tom. Oh…and that they have friends like Mel and Gordon.


  5. Lovely. I was out at Yellowcraigs today,walking to North Berwick and back. it was beautifully clear and crisp. It is one of my favourite beaches, particularly in autumn and winter.


  6. dear bruce,
    yes, your humans are fairly well trained. you are just a lad, but you will find that as you age on (yes, you will, though it’s hard for you to know and me to admit it) these well trained humans will provide you with every necessity. this is lovely throughout your life, but especially when you are elderly (as am i, though i try to show otherwise) they will go that extra mile. a nice treat, a soft place to land, again if you train them right. should you make mistakes, however, it takes especially long to retrain them as they are quite dull (they have virtually no nose, can you believe it?) but lovable, nonetheless. should you need any advice, just contact me, wendy, the border collie, now 13.


  7. Hey that is one good-looking dog. Gotta love the ears in the ball chase picture. He’s a natural model – for action shots and portraits!


  8. Kate, I’m sure I must bump into you some day because we frequent the same places (Yellowcraigs, John Lewis :) ). I’m sure you must know of the shop The Black House in Gullane? My husband bought me my new handbag from there, made from gorgeous Harris Tweed. It’s so lovely. I loved your skirt amendment from the previous post. x x x


  9. You’re a lucky man, Bruce. And I have to agree, BALL is the best of all human inventions and isn’t that launcher a wonderful thing? I’m looking forward to the snow and trying to locate my BALL in the drifts. How ’bout you?
    Bunny, the Golden Doodle


  10. Hello Bruce,

    We love Yellowcraig too, our humans camp at the Caravan Club site their, and we have lots of good walks on the beach, sometimes we even walk to North Berwick all along the beach and past the golf course.
    Molly the Scotty and Toby the Westie


  11. Love the blog from Bruce’s point of view.
    Did you know that Sea-buckthorn is loaded with Vitamins that are great for the skin, and also Viper’s bugloss has been used in products I like for my skin. Alchemy and Akin products here in Australia.


  12. Hi Bruce, nice to meet you!
    Looks like you have most excellent Significant Humans!
    If you’re ever in Holland, join me and my humans for a walk around the Bussloo lake, great fun too!
    Cheers, Tara


  13. Dear Bruce, If only I could be there with you I would show you a thing or two about having fun! Today, my humans and I took a stroll through the creek, at least I strolled through the creek they did not. Have fun Bruce. From your friend in the upsidedown world. Woody…..


  14. I couldn’t help but hear the voice of Dug from “Up” as I read this — it works really well, right down to “BALL” for “SQUIRREL.” Intentional? If so, nicely done! And if not — well, it’s still great. :)

    Looks like Bruce has a life any dog would envy. And I envy you for having Bruce!


  15. My black lab adores water in any weather too! Bruce is sure to have had a great day for his 18 month birthday. Playing ball is the one thing, the ONE thing my dog loves most to do. And Gordon has a ChuckIt Ball Launcher! So much fun, my dog has the mega size ChuckIt Ball Launcher and the glow-in-the-dark Ball, and what fun those dogs and humans can have with those! Oreo says Happy 18 month Birthday to Bruce!


  16. Wonderful post, so enjoy reading about Bruce and his human friends. I wonder how long it will take for my Sea Buckthorn that I planted this summer to be like those in the photos? Today our black lab, Dudley, has been with us 7 years and he is still as adventurous as Bruce, and he loves snow which is a good thing since he now lives in Alberta.


  17. Hi Bruce! Django, here. I just wanted to tell you that my favourite place is also a beach (‘cept mine is called DeGros Marsh beach and it has red sand which my humans hate because it stains everything…humans are funny that way, I’ve noticed). Anyway, I also share your love of BALL and thought you might be interested to know that my friend Jenny (she lives on the beach), she likes playing ROCK and also swimming. Well, that’s all for now. Take care.


    PS: Did you ever find the interesting pebble? Inquiring minds want to know.
    PPS: Bruce, have you discovered SNOW, yet? If not, you really ought to seek some out. It really is the bestest.


  18. Hi Bruce, I am a yellow lab named Hardy and my humans know about STICK and BALL too! I like reading your blog while I’m helping my Amy-human at the keyboard.


  19. Bruce, you are one of my most favorite dogs. It’s so nice to hear about your corner of the world, and to see pictures of you enjoying life. You are a true doggy dog.


  20. Looks like a great day, Bruce, and I think your priorites are spot on. We are going to the beach this afternoon with out two dogs, too. They will sleep all day tomorrow to recover!


  21. Oh happy 18 months Bruce. You are very lucky to have such lovely humans to take care of you and find people to throw you the ball and take you to the water to swim, even if the don’t go in themselves. You are a water dog, good thing they know that. You have very very good humans, and you will be happily tired when you return home I think. Many happy returns of a lovely day, and may we hear of many more from your point of view. My girl Sophie, who is 17 years old, send a big woof to you as well.


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