My apologies for my sudden disappearance, there. I had a bad few days with the fatigue, and we decided rather at the last minute to pop over to Madeira for a blast of funshine before the Scottish Winter properly sets in. I have been enjoying:

pleasant surroundings . . .

new friends . . .

beautiful colours . . .

outdoor swimming. . . .

tasty food . . .

and, of course, lots and lots of knitting.

All very restorative.

I will be back with another post at 8pm this evening – at which time I will announce the launch of SOMETHING FUN! Watch this space!

42 thoughts on “funshine

  1. I am sorry you were feeling bad – but if you are going to be fatigued better to do it in a bit of sunshine. I hope you feel better now.


  2. Lovely pics, the pool looks very inviting, Madeira always reminds me of the Flanders and Swann song
    “have some Madeira m’dear” which I have on my ipod along with the hippopotamus and london omnibus songs!


  3. nothing better than a sunny holiday AND tons of knitting! So glad you were wisked away ;)
    …and what IS that you are knitting? It looks beautiful


  4. Gosh, Madeira…. the climate looks a bit like Perth – the bougainville comes out here in January when it is so so hot it is impossible to knit without squishing up your tension into a felted mess. I am looking forward to hearing all about your new project.. Have a peaceful time…


  5. so happy to think of you floating under the bougainvilleas. i am about to pick up where i left off on a godzilla room project which entails an upcycle of madeira embroidery inspired by your great piece on the topic some years back


  6. I thought you must have ‘gone off’ somewhere! Trips like the wool week are a great strain on you, but your holiday looks really good. I am envious of the warmth and rest, good for you xx


  7. We in New England just had a bizarre, huge storm which left one to two feet of wet snow! Hundreds of thousands without electricity. Thanks for sharing your Funshine! It lifts our spirits. As do all your posts about Scotland, random thoughts, and wooly things.


  8. Lovely Kate: When I read “Madeira” I thought of Jane Ayre, but looking the pictures, ooh!! now it has a completely new different meaning to me ( more modern, happier and less melancholic). What a lovely place to recover strenght.




  9. My mom had a Madeira-work table cloth and napkins from a 1961 trip from the U.S.A. Sigh, she died recently and I only have a napkin left. The quality of the fabric is to-die-for and I remember the arduous process of ironing it all for big dinners, dampening, into the refrigerator and then a hot iron with lots of starch…..the smell….heaven….and a beautiful table…


  10. I love your new friend! And swimming outside. Of course all of it looks wonderfully restorative. And knitting. I so look forward to your blog now, that I check it daily to see, and was concerned when noticing your absence for a bit, but am happy to read part of it was FUNSHINE! Sounds perfect.

    Martha in Idaho


  11. So glad you had a good time in Madeira, it’s good to hear from you again! And very much looking forward to the evening post to come :-)


  12. Enjoy the sun… I may have difficulty concentrating on spinning class tonight thinking about FUN to come. One of my classmates is a needled fan too, she was wearing her “get off my” cloud last week. I know what we’ll be talking about as we spin tonight.


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