Hurrah! Hard copies of Knit Real Shetland are now available to buy from Jamieson & Smith – with free UK shipping! A digital version, for those who prefer it, will also soon be available.

It was a real honour to be asked to write the introduction to this book, celebrating 65 years of Jamieson & Smith. As well as super designs from names that are no doubt familiar to you, Knit Real Shetland also includes gorgeous patterns from designers you may not have heard of but should know: Mary Kay, Hazel Tindall, Lesley Smith, Joyce Ward and Sandra Manson – lovely women all, and talented Shetland knitters.

The official book launch was last Friday evening at the Shetland Museum . I was having so much fun that I managed not to take a single picture of the assembled throng which included 8 of the book’s 15 designers (Gudrun, Mary-Jane, Masami, Mary, Joyce, Hazel, Sandra, and Lesley). So, in the absence of launch photos, I instead present to you Sarah Laurenson, who took on the project, and curated Knit Real Shetland. Sarah’s energy and spirit are behind so many of the good things happening at Jamieson and Smith.

Thanks and congratulations to Sarah!

ETA: free postage within the UK only.

23 thoughts on “Knit Real Shetland

  1. Kate:
    Love your patterns and appreciate your commitment to Shetland knitting. I’m an American but work each year at woolfest in northern England. I hope we will be seeing you there this year. It’s a great festival. It would be good to contact the women who run the festival at Caldbeck. They are the Woolclip and can be found easily on line. Lea


  2. Fantastic! The account of your trip has inspired me to get my head round knitting with a strand of colour in each hand. I’m doing it on Caller Herrin’, and it feels weird, but immensely satisfying. Can I also say, as a native, that I find the title of your hat collection “Hats of MidLothian” absolutely hilarious. I am a fan. Meeeh.


  3. Wonderful and how do I get a hard copy . . . will they ship across the pond to the US of A. If so I am sure it will be well worth the price! It looks wonderful!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Sarah looks like a wee babe! Congrats to you!!!! I would love the book just to drool over the designs and pictures, but I am only a very novice knitter so I’m sure there is nothing I could knit. Can it be mailed to the U.S.?


  5. This looks fantastic, I can’t wait! I’m also counting the days (and unwritten lectures, groan) left until Reading Week next week, when I will be casting-on my Sheepheid…

    I’m so glad you had what looks like a brilliant week in Shetland :)


  6. Hurray for Shetland! and real shetland wool! and you!
    and how wonderful to’ve had such inspiring knitters & designers, all in one place!
    I couldn’t be happier or more pleased about this book. Sarah sounds like an absolutely fantastic lady– if she’s the one behind all the goodness going on at J+S, then I can’t do anything but adore her.
    Congratulations to all!


  7. Hmmm, I can’t work out how to get the free shipping. It’s trying to charge me £3.95. Which is not too bad but still…. I’d rather it was free!
    The book looks great, can’t wait to get my hands on it.


  8. I think I must add this to my library – love the cover.

    Congratulations on being asked to write the intro – I look forward to reading it. Also thanks for the photo of Sarah – it’s nice to put a face to the email I just received.

    My sheep heid yarn is on the way – there will be lots leff over for……just wondering…….no pressure (smiling).


  9. Oh what a treat to have designs from the International treasures of Shetland. These women should be knighted! To see another of Hazel Tindall’s designs, see page 172, the Whalsay Jumper, in The Art of Fair Isle Knitting by Ann Feitelson. It was her child’s sweater that Ann picked up in the charity shop in Lerwick and copied for an adult sweater. I am just getting ready to make some color test swatches to make this one. Wish I could start it in Shetland with help from all the Shetland color experts. And after ordering the book, I might just attempt a piece of Shetland lace. Am also starting Sheep Heid.


  10. Cannot wait to get a copy of this! Really excited by the idea of learning more about Shetland and Fair Isle knitting – one of these days I’ll get to go and visit.

    Congrats to all involved in the project – it looks amazing!


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