Gloves and mittens really are bloody tricky to model successfully. As soon as you stick a pair of hands inside them the trouble begins. You have to give the hands something to do, and this is difficult to accomplish without insane artifice. The leaf-throwing you have seen, but I also tried other strategies this morning, such as issuing strange commands

imitating a malfunctioning robot

grabbing a birch tree

And, my old favourite, hugging a sycamore

As you know, these mittens took several attempts to get right. They began as fingerless mitts, but, because of the 2-inch-deep repeats and their attendant colour restrictions, I found a mitt-design very difficult to balance. During the process, I was reminded several times of my conversation with SpillyJane in which she describes the creative possibilities of working within restricted parameters. All I can say is that my respect for her — already great — has increased about ten-fold. Anyway, the reason why I initially thought fingerless mitts would be a good idea was that one could, theoretically, squeeze them out of the yarn remaining from the hat. But with these mittens, you’ll probably have to get hold of another ball of each of the two background colours. A little extra yarn has enabled me to make the lined cuffs deeper and more cosy, to echo the hat-crown chart on the mitten thumb, and to create a much more more balanced overall design.

The pattern is now available here or here. And you might think I’m mad, but I’m now considering a peerie flooers garment. Not in fingering-weight, though. More anon.

53 thoughts on “peerie flooers mittens

  1. Kate, are you still trying cookies recipes? Try the chocolate chip cookie recipe on David Lebovitz’s blog. (tres interesting fellow) I made them today and they are the best yet. They’re made with salted butter and kosher salt, they’re full of chocolate and . . . they have no resemblance to cat sick!


  2. Though I love the hat and mittens and your coat is indeed lovely (your wardrobe in all pictures is amazing!)…

    I think the best thing is how friiggin’ cute that last picture is! You are just so sweet, if I had had a daughter I’d want her to look like you!

    And such a talented knitter,designer, inspiration, photographer and baker!!!

    gosh…you are a talent



  3. Super excited about the possible Peerie Flooers garment. I l-o-v-e the pattern but don’t wear many hats or mittens, so would be super excited about a jumper or vest or … !


  4. Bruce seems quite ready to act on your commands, whatever they may be! I think the outcome–mittens instead of mitts–shows off the pattern wonderfully. I’m also interested to know more about that lining. Now to finish my hat. . .


  5. Hello and good day to you! I love your website and have voted for you in the Dorset Cerals blog. Hope you do well and good luck!


  6. What a marvel you are Kate Davies! Playful knit designer and fashion plate to boot. Your personal style puts a smile on my face. Quite delicious…


  7. I managed to get woefully behind and, having just caught up (oh, how I feel your pain on both the stroke frustration and the Rise of the Books of Doom), wanted to let you know that an afternoon’s reading somehow -agreed, I have no idea just *how* either – inspired me to make what is slowly becoming a lovely batch of onion/mixed allium soup.


  8. HEY KATE – hat and mitts go great with your coat– totally love them – yea adding the pattern to a pair of simple fingerless mitts is where it gets complicated– need to get that yarn soon

    cheers pat j


  9. I love these, will be casting on very shortly to make my own. I really do admire your persistence, and the humour of your photos :)


  10. Oh, the robot picture! It gave me a smiling start for the day. I love knitting colorwork and for sure I love those little flowers. So pretty! (Oh and by the way, I was a little disappointed reading all the earlier comments about adoring your coat – I guess there’s a pretty long queue ahead of me if you some day decide to get a new coat and give that one away. Not that I think you would ever do that, you lucky lady! ;>)


  11. I would instantly buy a peerie flooers sweater if I saw one in a store. I doubt I’d have the patience for fingering weight but just a notch up to sport weight it would jump to the top of my queue.


  12. A child’s sweater would be obvious, and killer-cute, in the peerie flooers pattern. You always surprise me with your design work, though — I look forward to whatever garment idea(s) you have!


  13. my LYS just started carrying fine tweed! gee wonder what I’m doing this week :D

    The mittens are beautiful.

    And garment? that would be AWESOME.

    I love your blog too by the way :)


  14. Ditto, Kate! The mittens are queued for when my colourwork skills improve….and in the meantime….I want to know everything there is to know about your coat!


  15. Beautiful, beautiful Peerie Flooers hat and mittens, congratulations !, I cannot wait to have mine.
    I agree with the comments up there : your coat is just great too. I cannot knit but I do sew, and I find it very interesting. If you allow me, the mix in details between history (victorian age, contemporary) and geography (Asia, northern Europa) fits perfectly the image you let us see of you. You look great in it, it must be part of its interest for us and it would probably not look so nice on us or at least on me !
    And good luck with your Peerie Flooers garment-to-be, it will probably drive you crazy (tons of fun for us readers !) but my guess is that it will worth it !


  16. So, so nice. What’s next for the Peerie Flooers pattern I wonder – it’s so wonderful, you can’t stop now! I’m seeing a cardigan, scarf, tea cosy……. The list is endless!


  17. Thanks so much for another great pattern….off to purchase and to order the extra skeins. I echo all the compliments on your coat…..beautiful!


  18. Ever since I saw the peerie-flooers hat I have had the thought that I would like to knit a peerie-flooers garment (since it’s too hot to wear hat and mittens in California), maybe a vest or cardigan. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!


  19. I second leslienoe – I love both hat and mittens pattern, already own hat and soon to own mittens – but I want your coat. It goes so well with hand-knits without being dull. Oh! And a garment would be lovely!


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