At last! The mittens are complete! After the testing time they gave me, I am in the end very happy with the finished result.

I worked them at a tighter gauge than the peerie flooers hat – the fabric is dense and velvety.

Here are the cuffs

. . which are cosily lined . . .

. . . and finished with an obligatory icord.

I’m afraid these quick peeks are all you are going to see for today – they need a good blocking and some modelled shots.
But the pattern will be released this weekend!

Meanwhile, it is almost time to harvest my peppers.

. . .and it seems that Rilke’s Southern days are properly upon us. It is about as hot here as it has been all Summer. A last chance to be bare-legged outdoors. I’m off for a walk.

54 thoughts on “harvest

  1. Love all your creativity!!! They are Gorgeous. The hat and Mittens. Your coat/blue jacket is wonderful!! Love the gathered pockets Just right for woods walking- A place to put little treasures!! Would it be possible to get a kit for the hat and mittens somehow..I live in the USA

    Thank you for sharing ..


  2. These are so incredibly beautiful! And hat to match! I’ve ordered the fine tweed and will be knitting a mitten/hat set for my daughter. I knit Tantallon last winter and have worn it all winter, spring, and half the summer! And now that’s it’s coming on winter again, it’s back in circulation. If I’ve got enough fine tweed left after my daughter’s set…who knows….maybe a peerie flooers for me too! Love the blog :) and the patterns!


  3. Will I ever be a good enough knitter to master these projects?! When looking on Ravelry at the hat, people were saying it was their first Fair Ilse project. Can this be true? Good grief is all I have to say. I bought the hat pattern & take it with me where ever I go…looking for someone to please do a class. I think I’ll need someone to hold my hand. Mitts & Hat are both to beautiful for words.


  4. Gorgeous mittens ! Unanimous greetings ! I now have to wait for the cold days to wear them since summer times are back in Paris too.
    Waiting for my mother to knit them too (a detail !), with the bonnet either, as I still cannot knit although I must say these mittens put me in the mood of learning…again, and I mean that as a compliment for you, none of the women in my family including my grand-mother (a knitting needles fairy) could have let me stay seated knitting during hours. Ever.
    Trees are spring-like blooming here, I hope you can see similar exuberance during your walks. If someone reports a bare-legged woman wearing glorious mittens, that would be you I presume…
    Please take care of yourself, as usual.


  5. Stop it! I don’t need to buy more yarn, and that Rowan tweed stuff looks so good! Such nice colours, making such appealing stripey ribbing!
    I like to see your peppers ripening – I’m impressed! I can’t even grow tomatoes, everything here just gets mildew-y. But I have oodles of pak choi going strong (it is impossible not to succeed with it, even for a gardening numpty like me, it seems…)


  6. The mittens are lovely – I hope you are going to have a suitably gorgeous model to show them off!! I too am enjoying this last gasp of good weather – I may even wear a dress tomorrow. Pity it’s going downhill again at the weekend, just in time for my birthday!!


  7. Lovely design, on both the hat and the mittens. You are so inspired and talented. And you DO something with your talent, so we can read your patterns and knit along with you!
    I have been knitting your headband pattern – I am on my second one, and am perfecting the two handed Fair Isle technique. Looks like I have the perfect projects to continue my obsession with Fair Isle – your hat and mittens! Thank you! :)


  8. So beautiful! You are my favourite blogger! To me needled is like an island in the storm of the web :-) And I hope you are having a good time outside. The weather is great in Hamburg, too.


  9. liking these quite a lot. The rumor is that mitten weather starts next week around here; these are very tempting. I wear loosely knit mittens for running, but a tighter knit pair for dog walks and such could be quite nice.


  10. Those mittens are breathtaking! I am all butter-fingers with fair isle, but this just may inspire me to try again. (Is “butter-fingers” an Americanism? Not sure.)


  11. Oh the mittens are lovely. If anything they’re prettier than the hat. I really can’t wait to get hold of some Fine Tweed and knit myself a matching set. In the meantime I have a plan for a wee peerie flooers Innocent smoothie hat!


  12. ..ooh Kate, another tempting knit added to my to do list. Off to Islay again soon and these would be just right now the wild flowers there are gone to seed.
    Thanks to the hot,bright days we have had this week my chillies suddenly ripened.I think yesterday was the hottest day all summer.I had to put my shorts on.
    But the tree outside my window is in it’s autumn shades of gold.Haven’t a clue what season it is.
    Enjoy your walk…the clouds have just come in 30 miles to west of I’m off out now while it’s still warm and dry


  13. I think I love the mittens even more than than the hat. I never thought of stitch definition in terms of color work. Maybe the term I’m looking for is color definition — its fabulous on this piece. Well done!


  14. Really gorgeous and very cosy looking. I’m working on a colour work project of my own at the minute and am finding myself increasingly attracted to the possibilities of stranded knitting.


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