Welcome to the mitten graveyard – where bad mittens meet their end.

A place of misplaced thumbs . . .

. . . cuffs of varying dimensions . . .

. . . endless ends

. . . and the same pattern repeated usque ad nauseam

Sometimes things get very nasty, and scissors are involved.

There are currently five mittens in the graveyard – but this morning one finally made it through to the happy land where all good mittens run wild and free. Or summat.

I think I have reached the end of this particular figurative road. Time to move away from the mittens. . .

25 thoughts on “mitten graveyard

  1. Even your “bad” mittens are lovely! It must be in the air though, because I spent this morning evaluating my basket of wips, and did some unraveling of my own. I feel lighter now and ready to pick a new project (or two, or three, or . . . . )


  2. Oh but I hope this means you are working on a final mitten pattern — how divine to think about having a set with the hat!! But lovely photo shots of hard work!


  3. Oh no – such a lot of forlorn mittens!! However, I sense you have achieved something..”good mitten” ..so I am hoping you have suceeded and a pattern is being readied. Those mittens would really make a great Xmas present.


  4. I used to crochet mittens for my kids when they were little and my industry gave them the idea that the mittens were disposable, like tissues from a box. When the snow melted in the spring you could find them on lawns all over the neighborhood.


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