. . . Montse Stanley had a marvelous one, clearly. But what on earth is she casting on?

27 thoughts on “speaking of pods . . .

  1. Hi, I was inspired to search out and purchase a second hand copy of Montse Stanley’s book. Unfortunately the cover on the Australian edition doesn’t feature Montse and her extraordinary jumper and knitting project.


  2. What delightful little piles! I do hope you’ll post a link to the recipe. They’ll be a perfect dessert to go along with the fallen souffle that I’ve just pulled out of the oven for my hubby.


  3. Almost looks like a broomstick in her hands. As for the sweater, the neckline actually looks flattering. The squiggly lines, not so much.


  4. I have never believed in the knitting in her hands – just look – her real knitting is behind her on the bench! Just not photogenic enough for some dumb photographer. ( Hope whoever he was he doesn’t see this)


  5. Your post prompted me to go into my garage and look through my knitting books, now many years old. I have the Monste one, one by Christian de Falbe, Jan Messent and a Rowan book by Stephen Sheard all from the late 80s. I’ve cleaned off the covers and will spend a little time on nostalgia. I also found a rather large stash of yarn…


  6. The American version has a much more subdued cover. I had never looked up Stanley’s bio until now. It’s very neat that the University of Southampton has a knitting reference library — and even more amazing to me that they have digitized antique knitting books that are freely available. It just never occurred to me that a university would have invested money in creating easy access to these resources. American universities often charge a library membership fee for even digital resources. Is this not done in the UK?


  7. Pods are awesome. I call mine my hobbit hole as it is in the basement and has one window with a very deep sill. I go there and hide.


  8. Yes, what is she casting on… but… what are those intriguing cabled braids which appear to be unravelling on her sweater ! I want a pod, I want a pod , I *want* a *pod* !


  9. That sweater! Goodness. Well crafted, I am sure, but… The item on the DPNs in the background looks interesting as well. Embarrassed to say that until now I thought Montse Stanley was a man. ‘Montse’ always got translated by my brain as ‘Monty’. Is it a semi-common name?

    Thanks pb mum for the anime suggestion! Loved the Borrowers as a kid, respect Studio Ghibli and really enjoyed The Illusionist!


  10. This made me laugh because I am just back from seeing the new Studio Ghibli anime film version of ‘The Borrowers’, which is called ‘Arrietty’ and which is quite lovely. The pin that Arrietty finds on her first ‘borrowing’ expedition is a similar scale to the miniature girl as these knitting needles are to their owner. Added relevance comes from Arrietty’s father being called ‘Pod’. Loveliest animation I’ve seen since ‘the Illusionist’ – – and weird to see such a UK story being set in suburban Japan.


  11. I have often wondered about this…. sad I know! I think she is just rubbing two sticks together to get rid of the alien photographer in”her” pod!


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