Projects are completed, bags packed, and the wazzwagon has been pimped up with new tinted windows. Tom, Bruce, and I are off across the Irish Sea, and will be away for a wee while.

Thanks for your interest in Textisles! I won’t have internet access while I’m in Ireland, so please bear that in mind if contacting me with any queries. Feicfidh mé roimh i bhfad thú!

22 thoughts on “away

  1. I hope you’re enjoying the well-earned break – can’t wait to see photos!

    I’m sure you’ll have a million emails etc to wade through when you’re back, but I saw a blog post today which I thought you might be interested in – an artist whose work I love (Roz Stendhal) talking about how she draws and paints one year on from suffering a head injury:

    To an outsider like me her work is still exceptional, and still very ‘Roz’, but she describes the internal process of creating as feeling quite different.


  2. Have a wonderful time! Am delirious with excitement over the Warriston pattern sitting in my hot little hands – must choose the absolute perfect yarn so this will be a quest that occupies likely the entire rest of the summer so that I can start knitting it in the fall (summer heat here = too hot to knit with anything heavier than sock yarn). Thanks so much, Kate for yet another piece of amazing work. Enjoy your internetless time – more of us need to unplug :) x


  3. Enjoy Donegal; my family is from there and I used to resent being dragged over on the ferry every summer while my schoolfriends were taken to exciting holiday destinations like Blackpool and Butlins. Now with a bit of distance I can see I got the best deal and have taken my own family over for a fantastic break. Try and find a McDaid’s Football Special to drink if you can- a unique experience.


  4. I have a great grandmother from Donegal, Towney Kilcar. Some day I hope to visit there. In the meantime, have a lovely time.


  5. I’m so jealous!! Have a wonderful and restful time. I suspect when you’ll return we’ll have many Warristons for you to see!!!


  6. Have a super trip, a great place for people and photography and the Guiness is very refreshing after a walk! We are just off in the Camper to Thorney Island, with the Scotty and the Westie, will look forward to seeing the photo’s when you return.


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