Yes! This post comes to you straight from the Bressay Lighthouse!

22 thoughts on “Guess where I am?

  1. OMG Kate, what a beautiful place to be.
    There is a lighthouse a bit over an hour away from me, and oh how I would love to live in the old lighthouse keeper’s residence there.
    Fresh sea air, and beauty all around, and just the sounds of the sea, and birds, and a bit of a zapping sound at an electrical pole on the path leading to the lighthouse. Hope that’s fixed by now.
    Enjoy your time there.


  2. Oh how fabulous to be in Shetland at this time of year! I hope you enjoy the simmer dim and can get out for some midnight strolls! My birthday is at the end of June, and I was once in Shetland then – we walked in the wee small hours with the curlew and whimbrel burbling away – I think we were staying on Unst that time. This year I’ll be celebrating my birthday (40!!) in Yorkshire, at another good location for knitting: Reeth.

    Have a fabulous time op north, and give my love to the puffins if they havent all flown away. I do miss them – I haven’t been to see them in Shetland for years. Looking forward to hearing more about your trip soon….


  3. How fabulous — I was in Shetland last week (Leebitton, opposite Mousa), and the weather was just improving as we left. Have a wonderful time!


  4. How lucky you are – I bet it is lovely and cool and there is a beautiful breeze (or being Shetland it could be cold foggy and blowing a gale) – it’s so hot here ……I don’t like the heat… I am envying you right now in more ways than one!


  5. wow! are you staying there overnight? I’ve never stayed in a lighthouse but would absolutely love to… in fact we’re having a (very small/quiet wedding… shhh) soon so that might be an idea :)


  6. As an English graduate, I always think it’s very impressive when people actually get to lighthouses. And that looks like a lovely place!


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