As Helen correctly spotted, the red hares behind my hair were designed by wonderful UK printmaker, Dee Beale. You can find her hare here.

I like them in teal…

. . . and also find myself tempted by her Winter Ptarmigan.

(All images © Dee Beale)

25 thoughts on “her hare here

  1. Thankyou for posting such lovely images & information about pockets, they’re wonderful & so interesting.
    Best wishes


  2. I agree the hares, bunnies and partridges are really lovely.
    I think the design motifs on them are helping to endear them to you also.
    Beautiful artwork.


  3. We are lucky enough to share our patch of Scotland with both hares and ptarmigans. It always feels a privilege to encounter them.
    I wonder if the appeal of these prints to you (and I do like them too) is partly because both beasts and birds seem to be wearing Fair Isle yoked jumpers? ;)


  4. You can also buy them in the shop at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. You quite often see hares on farmland, you just need to know where to look. Mountain hares are more of a challenge – but I found last winter that once you have seen one you will spot them more easily.


  5. I love the Hornsea jar next to the ptarmigan print, too. Totem pattern as far as I remember. Do you know Angie Lewin’s work? She is another printmaker who incorporates Hornsea pottery designs into her prints.


      1. I’m eating porridge out of one of the blue totem-pattern bowls that’s been in the family since I was a small child. I think the patterns have embedded themselves in the synaptic structures of my brain.

        (and of course a hare is not the same thing as a rabbit, untameable and solitary and born running) (but that’s a general observation and has nothing to do with totem)


  6. gaahhhh nice things on Etsy….must. buy.

    I’ve been wondering a lot whether you managed to meet up with Andy the GP and his little black dog and what happened.

    Juliet x


  7. I love the ptarmigans! We do have ptarmigans here in Canada but much farther north than where I live so I’ve never seen one in real life.


  8. Hello Kate
    I’m french and i ‘ve just discovered you blog and I enjoy it very much.Your patterns are really nice even if i’m not sure i can knitt in english.No matter,to see them is already a great pleasure.I also enjoy very much your beautiful photos.
    I read about your stroke and hope you recover well.Take care of you.
    Bye( and please excuse my english…)



  9. I saw a hare for the first time last year whilst walking somewhere remote. I was surprised by how gorgeous it was and ran after it to try to catch a second glimpse.. Unsurprisingly I was too slow…
    I’m pretty easy going about meat eating but would never eat a hare.

    Thanks for sharing Dee’s beautiful prints!


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