We’ve been down in St Annes for a couple of days. I enjoyed walking in the dunes, where there are many opportunities for wintry still-life photography. . .

. . . thorns and lichen . . .

. . . dessicated rosehips. . .

. . . those trees. . .

. . .and not-so-still life.

33 thoughts on “abroad

  1. Thank you so very much for sharing your trips with us. I’ve recently become a loyal reader and loyal design purchaser. I so enjoy your thoughtful and insightful writing and your many beautiful photos. Thank you. Your continued health is in my thoughts and prayers. All the Best to you and your Family!


  2. Love the pictures of winter’s best, and the dog! I prefer cats myself but have dogs for my daughter and husband. The yellow lab is in her chair snoring as I write. I’m glad I’ve found your blog. Keep up the exercise!


  3. Just about to start on Radio 4 is a play based on Robert McCrum’s account of his stroke at the age of 42 – ‘My Year Off’. Presumably it will be available on iplayer.

    Best wishes, Joan


    1. I have read Mc Crum’s book – which I found incredibly honest and straightforward – probably the best book I’ve read about personal stroke recovery, in fact. He wasn’t found straight away, and his hand was worse while my leg was worse, but in other respects his stroke was really very like mine. That said, the book does exude a sense of privilege that I found a little irritating, and I imagine other stroke sufferers may rather resent. We don’t all get our healthcare paid for by BUPA, receive care packages from Fortnum and Masons, or bedside visits from Salman Rushdie and Jeremy Paxman. . .


      1. I guess that, inevitably, many memoirs of sickness, bereavement etc. fall in to the category ‘When bad things happen to rich people’. I’m thinking here of something like Joan Didion’s memoir of her husband’s death. I’m sure that is irritating for someone in your position – and makes it all the more important that you record your experiences. Similarly as a stay at home mum for 13 years now I can’t tell you how annoyed I get at yummy mummy stuff. It bears no relation to the life I lead – or that of the women I know at the school gate.

        Have to say I’d like to be spared Salman Rushdie and Jeremy Paxman at the foot of my bed! One of my friends – a radical republican – was injured in the Birmingham pub bombings and did have to endure a royal visit to his bedside.

        Best wishes,



  4. What beautiful photos – thank you for sharing. I’m sorry you’re still getting the evil fatigue. Mine is much less, although still there and still unpredictable. In fact, today I treated my daughter to a film and I was tired and tearful before we even got there as it’s quite a trek. I talked myself down off the ledge – sat down, did some breathing and reminded myself this was meant to be enjoyable. It was in the end! (the King’s Speech – I recommend it). Keep smiling :)


  5. I particularly like ‘Those trees’ for their evocation of places that we used to inhabit, when we lived much closer to nature. For me, they bring out the idea of personal maps and spaces, and there’s reminders of the human form in them too. Alice Maher has made some interesting pieces around memory and nature: http://www.alicemaher.com/acre/hedge.htm


  6. Beautiful snaps! Over Here, guess what! It is raining this morning, real rain, which will save the apple trees and fill the dam. Whoopee! We have not had rain for such a very long time……


    1. Thanks, Helen – I was wondering what it was, and comparing online images to my photos, I think it must be. Having been on the bush since Autumn (perhaps too sour for the birds?) the berries are a very peculiar neon-peach colour.


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