Well, I absolutely love Shetland. We had a marvellous few days, and are certainly going back. Not sure I’ll be undertaking any more 12 hour ferry crossings, though — Bruce coped with the North Sea far better than I did. This woeful sailor needs to recover, but here are a few snapshots in the meantime.

Sumburgh Head

Fisherman’s cap (c.1920)

Sounds of Shetland

Fine Northern ale



um, Bruce


Felsite knife, Unst. (3000 – 1000 BC).

48 thoughts on “from the North

  1. Oh my! Those photos make me want to go there!

    Wouldn’t the lichen make a great knitting motif for some mittens or a scarf or hat?


  2. Oh how I love all your photo’s you are sharing, especially the Sheltie ponies, and the pic of Bruce. OMG he is having a wonderful life, he is such a handsome doggy. The breed loves the water don’t they. Love the hat colors and pattern, and gee it looks very cold there. Says me from Australia whilst I listen to the rain on the roof, and they evacuated Brisbane ‘cos of flooding. It’s supposed to be hot here now.
    Cheers to you!


  3. I am sooo envious. It sounds like it was a lovely trip. I entirely empathise with the sea sickness, on my last ferry ride to Islay I spent the entire trip in the toilet; I fly now even though I love ferry rides on calm seas. I gasped when I saw the lichen photo; it is that beautiful. Good to see Bruce is still melting hearts. I don’t comment that often (regular reader though), but I just wanted to say that from what I glimpse of you and your recovery from your writing, you really are remarkable Kate. You should be very proud of yourself.


  4. you’re walking so well i feel this may not be quite proper, but alicia paulson (another one of the craft bloggers) had a bad accident to her foot some time ago and today recommends these special traction gizmos and boots for secure walking on snow and ice.


  5. The photos are gorgeous. It was lovely to meet you, and I spoke to the wonderful Mary today who asked me to pass on her best and to tell you that she really enjoyed the chat. I hope hope hope you’ll be coming back soon…




  6. Shetland seems like such an amazing place – I’d really love to go there sometime, but it’s so very far away.

    I’m glad you got to spend a few marvelous days there!


  7. Oh the memories! I wish my photos were as good as yours. I too have problems with long sea crossings. I recommend sea bands (available from Boots the chemist) They cope with most conditions for me (overconfidence, and eating a cheesey baked potato in a force 10 gale, was not wise)


  8. Looks like it was pretty cold! Those shelties are sturdy-looking beasts. At first glance I thought the lichen were ancient rock paintings. Bruce is very handsome! Sorry you had a rough crossing and hope you are comfortably ensconced at home now!


  9. It is amazing how much you can convey of such a wonderful trip in so few words and photos! I, too, was impressed at the nobility of Bruce, the inspiration of the lichen (is that where all the whorl-like designs of Celts began?), the terrible beauty of the ancient knife and the darling, tiny stitches of the hat.

    I cannot even imagine what the visit conjured in your artistic soul. I think 2011 is going to be a prolific year for you.


  10. My friend and I went up to Shetland after Knit Camp last August and we flew rather than get the ferry overnight. It only took just over an hour from Aberdeen, it was great! This was the plane we took and if you look closely you can see the pilot is waving and grinning at me taking the photo :)


  11. Rough seas? I’m not that great on the boat unless it’s flat calm…I have been know to get myself a flight and send the rest of the family on the ferry!
    Your photos are absolutely gorgeous! Hope I get to be there next time you make it up!


  12. I hope you are going to have more photos? My grandparents were from the Shetlands and despite travelling to UK from NZ twice, I have never made it up there.
    Thanks for a lovely post ;-)


  13. Amazing pictures and feels like a wee holiday from here. Thank for sharing you ferry experience…we will take this into serious consideration when we plan our trip. You make a great Ambassador for the Shetlands. Hope life is good to you in 2011.


  14. Well look at you Bruce, you handsome young man you!

    I’m sorry the ferry wasn’t so good for you. Last time I was on one it was only 45 minutes, but I was… well let’s just say I was unwell.


  15. the freedom, the space, the air, and the colours are great eh? I bet you found a few things to inspire another creation (pleeese… :)


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