In the light of my last, it amused me to think of the work of this local hand being performed by orchestra and chorus a couple of millennia down the line.

I am feeling better today.

18 thoughts on “eloquence

  1. HEY KATE –glad you are having a better day– neat leaf figures –look like they have been blown in with the wind — don’t get the ginger bit , as some others will need to google this — hard to have those horrible days of last week – think there’s nothing worse than when your brain is overloaded and won’t work

    – good to see you out enjoying the autumn — we may have had our last warm day today — was 14 degrees c here in Mississauga Ont , and by this evn down to 4 degrees



  2. As a Ginger (do we get capital ‘G’s’ now?), I find the thought of slurs against my kind immortalized in serious musical compositions to be very amusing. I must say though, I’ve never heard of a gimp. Off to Urban Dictionary I go!

    Glad you’re feeling better – your blog truly is an inspiration to me :)
    Kate from Nova Scotia


  3. Ginger Tramp! Now there’s a colloquial insult one can love……..!

    I’ll have to tell my Lake District partner about that one – he doesn’t understand why we Australians don’t feel the same way about gingers, so he’ll love this wee campaign against Graeme..!


  4. Glad that you feel better now!

    Owl Sweater in local Chinese (Cantonese) is 貓頭鷹毛衣 (Mao Tou Ying mou yi). I have to check with my son to see if he has that magazine.


  5. So glad you are feeling better…I got a good chuckle out of your last *cranky* post though…LOL!
    Ginger tramp….is that a Scottish thing? Best go educate myself!!! Google, here I come!


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