Not a bad week, all in all. I lost part of Thursday and all day Friday to the dreaded fatigue, but apart from that I feel as if I am finally starting to do things which almost amount to a form of productive labour. This is important. I’ve been working on my patterns, walking around my local patch, researching an article, and thinking about some new designs. Curiously, the last three activities became more and more intertwined as the week went on. If I were to put up one of those mood board thingies for my thoughts this week, this is what it would probably look like:

21 thoughts on “fishy

  1. This is me shamelessly asking to be a test knitter for any fish-themed pattern. I work with fish (well, they aren’t too in to team work… not with people anyway… but you know what I mean). I have for over a decade. My degree is in history (not that I’ve ever used what I learned in a history capacity). I read books on the history of fish for fun. I have fish stuff all around me. People give me fish gifts. I don’t have anything fishy that I’ve knit. That would be cool. But, of course, if it’s colorwork, let me know now so I can practice. :)


  2. Very enjoyable to see the images as emblems of your thoughts/moods/feelings. I do enjoy your photos, especially the first one in this particular post…very moody. I have wondered if you take the photos on your blog, or if your hubby does, of course he must take some of them as they’re of you! Still this is just to say how much I appreciate the
    visual aspect of your blog…and since I hope to do once myself soon, it’s instructive, too.
    cheers, Louise


  3. OMG I’m thinking of the laundering of all those ladies long flowing dresses and capes, and they didn’t have washers and dryers like we do now. Love the close-up fish scales picture.


  4. so funny! i’m from New Haven (but in the US) – so I did a double take when I saw the station sign, which doesn’t look like ours at all :-)


  5. Glad to read that you had a good week Kate.
    That wee dog at the fish market made me smile.
    I’m wondering if your new design will incorporate some fishy scale shapes, maybe in soft “irridescent” shades as in your pictures?

    Well, will just have to wait and sea , oops, I mean, see.


  6. Have to laugh at the fishwife photo as it reminded me of something my mother would say when I was too loud or too rude, which was: “You sound just like a fishwife.” Keep in mind my mother was born in 1909 in London so obviously met a fishwife or two in her day.


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