(hand-stitched brooch from Lorna at Chookie Birdie)

My heart-umbrella procedure is tomorrow. At last! I will be offline for a few days. Wish me luck, everyone. . .

222 thoughts on “umbrella!

  1. Good luck. Hope there’s plenty of tea and cake for you afterwards once you’re feeling up to it. I’ve got all my limbs and extermities crossed for you!


  2. Best of luck! I wish you a very quick recovery! I admire your positive thinking and attitude. You’re truly an inspiration…


  3. Will be thinking of you today.

    Best of luck and quick recovery!

    Tom, Jesus and Bruce will be waiting for you at home, and the rest of us will be patiently waiting here in this corner of your world.



  4. good luck good luck good luck.

    i am on the cliffs of deepest west wales. I will do strange dances at the moon tonight and ask it to watch over you.


  5. Sending good energy and strength to you, your family and the medical folks involved – may you have a speedy recovery and get back quickly to weaving in all those ends!


  6. I wish you a competent happy, well rested team of doctors and caregivers who all had a good breakfast and a good laugh before they get to you. all the best , of course.


  7. I’ll be thinking about you tomorrow! Best of luck and wishes for a really quick recovery! I’ll be looking forward to more of your beautiful pictures and stories of your walks!


  8. Wishing you very good luck, and I will be sending lots of positive vibes from Amsterdam tomorrow.
    (P.S. I haven’t yet commented on your earlier post introducing Bruce! Such a handsome pup! I was also happy to read that he and Jesus quickly reached an amicable understanding :)


  9. Fingers and knitting needles all crossed!!! And positive thoughts going to you! I hope it will all go the best possible way!


  10. The very best of luck to you!
    Thank you for helping us grow as both knitters and people of understanding and compassion…
    debbie near Seattle


  11. Dear Kate,
    Best of luck tomorrow!
    Thank you so much for the package, it arrived two Friday’s ago during one of our crazy crazy heat waves. I’m sorry it has taken me so long to write, we were away with family for a little while, trying to “Avoid the 100.” (My brother’s way of saying get out of the heat wave!) I knit up a few gauge swatches and I’m just about ready to start work on the sweater. Your pattern is going to challenge me to finally learn some garment shaping. It’s about time I move away from lace rectangles and triangles! Thanks for everything and I’ll be thinking of you over the next few days. Lots of love to you and your family.


  12. HI KATE— sending you thoughts of caring , safety, and general wellness – all my positive vibes your way -talk soon —-pat


  13. I,ll be thinking and sending healing thoughts to you. All the very best,
    I’m inspired to improve my finishing skills in your honour.


  14. Sending you my best wishes from Canada! I’ll be thinking about you when I’m out in nature this weekend and wishing you a speedy recovery so that you too can be in the great outdoors soon! xo


  15. Good luck from a lurker/new reader! I have gotten so much out of reading your posts about your recovery – and am a great admirer of your designs. Transmitting healing vibes to you!


  16. what a lovely brooch.

    good luck, crossing fingers “und Daumen gedrückt” (pressing thumbs on top of fist-tis the German equivalent of finger crossing, but the more luck the better-yeah?)


  17. There’s so much well-wishing headed your way, Kate! So many of us thinking about you as we have all these months and will continue to do – remember that! I’ll look forward to your next post – your blog is such a gift. Thank you!


  18. Kate, you know we all wish you well and you also know ‘it’s the right kind of hole!!’

    We look forward to hearing from you when you are feeling up to it.

    Best wishes and much love



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