(knitted heart, with darned-up hole, a gift from wonderful Felix)

Hurrah! The transesophageal wotnot procedure was a breeze (though it has left me feeling rather spaceage). Now I just have to wait for an appointment to insert the heart umbrella!

83 thoughts on “heartening

  1. I too keep picturing a red cocktail umbrella, the sort you get in a pina colada or something equally sugary and exciting. What terrific news Kate, I’m so happy for you and Tom!


  2. I’m so pleased, although the whole concept still sounds bizarre. Like other people, I keep thinking of paper cocktail parasols!
    Best wishes for a speedy and totally effective procedure.


  3. I’m so glad it went well! We will still be sending you those strong healthy thoughts, hope the next procedure is very successful and easy!


  4. yeah!!!! great news.
    but I am wondering – this can’t be just any umbrella they put in your heart.
    it should be a special parasol- lacy and pretty like those twirled by a lady while she walks in the park with her gentleman friend.
    it couldn’t be a black utilitarian umbrella boring and stodgy whose main business is just keeping a person dry.
    but maybe it could be a tartan plaid number with a wooden duck handle that I remember my Nana having and I used to like holding over my head as I splashed through puddles. I don’t remember staying dry but I don’t think it was the bumbershoots fault.
    then again it needs to be very small so maybe the doctor has a supply of the little bamboo umbrellas that come in the fancy drinks at tiki bars.
    whatever kind they use I am glad that you will soon be feeling better and soaring off like Mary Poppins with her umbrella.


  5. Oh Kate, wonderful news!!! Step by step, in so many ways things will be more like they were before your life turned upside down. I am relieved and excited for you that you can get this taken care of and move on.


  6. Woo-hoo , love the knitted heart..and great news about the umbrella.
    Don’t suppose they have choice of custom fair isle design umbrella? ? Hope it’s fitted soon.
    Islay time for me starts Wednesday :-) :-) :-)


  7. Hurrah! it is all very spaceage and I am absolutely intrigued by the idea of the tiny umbrella. Although the rational bit of my brain knows that it must be more in the nature of a patch I can’t help picturing a wee hooky handle and spokes.


  8. oo and I thought I should also say I really like the grey border being back- it sets off your photos and lets the highlights sing. (we are on our second day of sunshine here in a row after 2+ weeks of rain- *grin* the world must be in sync with all sorts of good things)


  9. Felix the wonderknitter strikes again :-)

    Good news, hope it all happens soon and you’re on your way to recovery quickly!


  10. oh man oh man oh man oh man oh man
    H O O O O O O O O R A Y ! ! ! ! ! !

    What wonderful news! I am picturing you and Tom celebrating by doing the chicken dance in the doctor’s office.

    And now I know, for sure, I will not be able to get this smile off my face for days and days.


  11. So glad it is good news! Hope the next procedure is scheduled quickly.

    I’m sure the knitted heart brought special karma in.


  12. Great news! Good luck with the “umbrella”-insertion procedure. I hope it completes your healing process. You have such tremendous courage and you seem determined to live a beautiful life!

    Somehow the darning in the knit heart is easier to understand. I mean, who will hold up the umbrella handle?


  13. love the encouraging news, Kate – things just keep moving right along, don’t they?
    also, I heart your knitted heart :)


  14. OH That is FANTASTIC!! I don’t comment frequently, but I’ve been reading frequently and hoping very much that it’s the right kind of hole! As another active person currently decommissioned by injury, I am so happy to hear there’s a positive road ahead for you! You’ll be climbing over hill and dale soon.


  15. Hi Kate,
    I’ve just been reading your blog for the last weekend – I know what you mean about the campervan – I entered the comp ages ago and I have a feeling I might win it !!!!???? – I’m glad you had such a good time – and well done to Tom for such a good time in the race – hard going!
    Great news about your heart op – I wish you well and soon – you are doing just fine and coming on apace.
    Keep smiling



  16. Isn’t the internet a strange and magical place? I was just checking my emails when your post popped up with the tag ‘heartening’. I didn’t really need to check your blog to know that it must be good news. But I did, of course, and I was greeted by that fabulous knitted creation – just perfect, and such good news for you. It must be a huge relief. Perhaps Felix can knit you a space helmet to match your spaceage feeling.


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