1. For those of you who have been asking — the Manu pattern will be ready very soon — hurrah! Here is a peak of Mel’s lovely new test-knit version.
2. For any of you with access to BBC Radio Scotland, or its i-player, I’ll be on the Radio Café this Tuesday lunchtime at 1.30, talking about the choice of a Sanquhar glove to represent Scotland’s own History in 100 objects.
3. And for those of you who enjoy Rowan’s yarns and patterns, I also have a feature about the history of outdoor knitting in the new Rowan Magazine 47, which has just come out.

Here ends the bulletin.

Also, very many thanks for sharing your knowledge of good woollen outdoor wear, and for your walking book recommendations, which I shall be following up.

13 thoughts on “a bit of news

  1. I really enjoyed the programme yesterday, especially your comments about every knitter’s personal projects tending to represent the times, places and reasons for which they were made, as long as the item in question is in use. It made me think of all the works-in-progress carried about on public transport, at conferences, or simply at otherwise highly tedious family festivities!

    I also agree with the other Kate, above – it was also a treat to hear a programme take a genuine interest in hand-crafts and the reasons people continue to undertake them. Many thanks for drawing my attention to it!


  2. It was lovely to hear you on the Radio Cafe show today whilst knitting my neep heid over here in Newfoundland. I had never heard of the Sanquhar gloves and found that very interesting – amazing pattern.


  3. As a regular reader of your blog, I should have known this, but I was really surprised to listen to the Radio Cafe and find out you weren’t Scottish! Great show, and nice to hear them show a genuine interest in knitting, rather than the slightly patronising tone that other radio and TV articles have taken.


  4. I’ll listen to the Radio Cafe online. I occasionally listen to it as my friend produces it (or she used to, not sure if she still does). I love your style. P x x x


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