I find the way that St Nick endlessly duplicates himself at this time of year both amusing and mildly sinister (in the way that clowns, or clones, are sinister). You just can’t move for Santas! There’s one waving at passing traffic outside Newington’s “Tree Empire”; another one greets you with a tray of mince pies as you pop into a garage on the A82. They are everywhere: driving buses, delivering mail, selling fish. For me, Santa’s exuberant multiplication sums up the excess that is so characteristic of the season. Unfortunately, I never seem to have my camera at the ready whenever I spot one of these jolly duplicates knocking about town, but here are some wind-up ones.

6 thoughts on “twenty one

  1. My kids saw a Santa on the street in the rain recently, I said “Oh no, he’s getting wet!”, to which my son replied “It’s ok, he’s got a hat”. I’m enjoying the phase whilst it lasts were my kids don’t notice all the differences between the Santas they see.


  2. I often wonder how many versions of FC there actually are – we have a skiing version, an African safari version, a knitted one, a felted one, a shaker santa, a glass one…and that’s just in one house. Love the wind-up ones !


  3. Hi Kate,

    I just wanted to thank you for all the cheer you have brought to my December. I have loved getting your calendar which I’ve read while knitting the dollheid, neepheid and yesterday I finished the winter walker. You have supplied nearly the whole family with Christmas presents!

    My granny got the dollheid for her 80th birthday a couple of weeks ago. She was thrilled when I told her it had been designed by an Edinburgh lass. She lives in Oxford now but lived in and around Edinburgh for the best part of 50 years.

    Have you heard of Ann Macbeth who designed beautiful tapestries at the Glasgow School of Art? She is one of my great aunts so a love of thread and wool runs deep within my veins!

    Your designs are fabulous and your blog scrumptious.

    Thank you so, so much,
    Jessica (mrsmeuvig on ravelry) x


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