I was fascinated by the shadowy look and tinkling sound of the water under the ice on our Highland walk last weekend — however, the higher we got, the more ice there was, and I became less interested in its aesthetic properties and more concerned by not throwing bambi-like shapes upon it . . . This post is for Felix, who has recorded some fabulous icy sounds for today — go over to her place to hear! She also knows this part of the Highlands well, and I really enjoyed her writing about the sound of the ice in this landscape earlier this year.

10 thoughts on “ten

  1. Oh how gleeful I was to listen to the amazing iciness in your recording and to recall the specific landscape that you describe, through sound!

    Thank you for making a sound post; it is most joyous.

    In Icy-sounds news there is an absolutely beautiful piece by Peter Cusack entitled ‘Baikal Ice,’ and it is a whole series of recordings of ice made during the annual thaw of Lake Baikal.

    However, although I adore the epic grandeur of Cusack, there is something very pleasing about recording and sharing familiar sounds in the way that you have done here. I love how sounds can be shared like photographs and how they convey so much about the way things feel as well as the way they look…

    I agree with Colleen; I think your video sounds cold.


  2. Today is going to be 37oC over here in Western Australia – I love to watch icy films on a hot hot day – the last one was Joanna Lumley watching the Aurora Borealis. Thank you for your wonderful blog I so enjoy reading it.


  3. Kate, your blog often makes me smile, but the sheer simplicity of this beautiful sound makes me all tingly with joy. I can only imagine how gorgeous the air smelled just there. Thank you!


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